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On some systems Tiberian Dawn (C&C1) and Red Alert can produce a "Signal out of range" message whilst the sound continues to play fine. Below is a step-by step guide to fix this bug.

Over time the screen resolution computers use has increased, you may remember using 800*600 and now you probably use 1024*768 if not more. These old games were designed for low resolutions but over time manufacturers have removed the ability of their monitors to display them, and the "signal out of range" error (example below) is your monitor's way of telling you this.

  • Navigate to the C&C 95 or Red Alert installation directory, by default this is located at C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Command & Conquer The First Decade\Command & Conquer(tm) or \Command & Conquer Red Alert(tm):
  • Double click ccsetup.exe or rasetup.exe:
  • Set the screen resolution to 640*480 and untick all options, then click OK:



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