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Moving units or the mouse into the top right corner of maps in Tiberian Dawn (C&C1) can sometimes cause the game to crash. Below is a step-by step guide to fix this bug.

The orginal fix (which can still be found below) involved fiddling around with complex Windows settings, VK has developed a patcher that will do it all for you:

  • Download here.
  • Run the patch program.
  • That was easy!

    N.B. The following method has now been made obsolete by the Unofficial Compatibility Patch above. These instructions are provided for reference and should only be used if the patcher fails.

  • Open the Windows Control Panel and double click Regional and Language Options:
  • Select the Languages tab and click Details... in Text services and input languages:
  • Select the Advanced tab, tick the Turn off advanced text services option and click OK:



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