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Allies - Mission 2 'In The Nick of Time'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Keep Bridge intact,
  • Objective 2: Rescue the scientists.

When you start this mission, send all the your units to the north to collect a group of soldier reinforcements. Then, with combined tank power, destroy all soviet tanks. When you cross the stream to your west, destroy the V-2 Rocket with your tanks and watch out for those pesky Grenadiers who come from below. Then, as you head south a little more a Tesla Coil will attack you, again used combined power to destroy it.

By then, a Transport holding a few tanks and a Demolition Truck will come by. Watch out for the Demo. Truck because it could take out your whole army if to close. Go North and go across the bridge.

DO NOT DESTROY THE BRIDGE or your mission will fail. When you get near or cross the bridge, two Chrono Tanks will come to assist. Use them to get rid of the two Hind Helicopters that come. Then, when you get near the village, a few more reinforcements will come out. Use that Mechanic to fix up your Chrono Tanks and other tanks as well. Then travel your little army to the north where you will find more resistance. Destroy and go west a little more to get more Chrono Tanks.

Go west more until you find a Soviet Base. Destroy the War Factory or capture it because it will build more tanks for your suffering. Then go south more and wait a little while for some scientists to escape.

Go back where you came from as fast as you can because if you stick around the base, a reinforcement will come and 2 Soviet Transports will come, loaded to brim with Mammoth Tanks. Get the scientists safely to the signal flare at the place you started your mission.
Mission Accomplished.




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