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Allies - Mission 3 'Caught In The Act'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy All Soviet forces.

In this mission, you start out with Tanya. You will get a reinforcement of a Transport and some Gun Boats. Tanya needs to destroy all the Soviet Technology Centers. Load Tanya to the Transport and take her to the closest island, which is the slight northwest one. When you get there, a reinforcement of a Chinook helicopter will arrive and some soldiers.

Unfortunately, Soviet MiGs will attack the barrels and if you aren't fast, it will kill your lovely Chinook. With the Chinook helicopter in your possession, fly (or swim) to the island just Southeast of there. You will get some reinforcements of soldiers and Engineers.

Wait a while and another Chinook will appear. Save it as you did last time so you can utilize all weapons. Go north for some more reinforcements and finish off any Soviets. During that time (or earlier) a Transport, holding some Allied tanks should land at the far north island.

Now, back to Tanya's crew. After you finish that island, then venture to the north island. They have some pretty strong forces and you could wipe them all out, if you do it right. Collect the Spy and take him to the Radar Dome and infiltrate it.
The final island, which is at the north your tanks should have some trouble with the Tesla Coils. Take them out with your two Destroyers. Then, plunder with the remaining of your tanks, soldiers and Tanya.
Mission Accomplished.




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