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Allies - Mission 4 'Production Disruption'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy Soviet Sub Pen.

When you start this mission, you will have some soldiers with a Medic. Do not go near the Tesla Coils and wait head north. When Enemy Soldiers come, kill them. Head north until you see a Concrete Wall to your east. Enter there and destroy the 2 Advanced Power Plants to shut off the Tesla Coils.

You'll get an reinforcement of two Demolition Trucks and three Engineers. Use the Demo. Trucks to wipe out the two Flame Towers. Use the rest of your units and go northeast and kill the enemies and capture the Radar Dome with your Engineers.
You will get a reinforcement of three Chrono Tanks. Go east and then north with them. Since you will get instantly slaughtered when you enter the enemy's base, Chrono Shift to the tiny island just Northwest of the Sub Pen. Finish off the Sub Pen.
Mission Accomplished.




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