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Allies - Mission 7 'Time Flies'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy the two Missile Silos.

When you start this mission, you will start out with two Chrono Tanks. After killing everyone on the island, Chrono Shift to the island in the Northwest. Destroy or ignore the Flame Tower and continue up. You will find to more Flame Towers, destroy them. When they are destroyed, blow the Radar Dome to kingdom come, so it destroys all the SAM sites in that particular area.

ChronoShift again to the next island and do the same thing. When you do that, 2 Longbow Helicopters will take out the Tesla Coil and a reinforcement of Tanya will arrive. Kill all the soldiers and blow up the barrels to take out the Flame Towers. Then use Tanya to blow up the 2 Advanced Power Plants for your MCV to arrive. Deploy the MCV and build the usual. Build tons of tanks . Then send those tanks to the Ore Fields to the South to kill the Ore Trucks.

Then do a Tank Rush and destroy/capture the Soviet base. I recommend you capture the Construction Yard so you can build Tesla Coils. Deep in the base, you will find a Missile Silo. Annihilate it. Since you (hopefully) captured the Soviet Con. Yard, build some airfields and some MiGs. They are great to destroy any Enemy Structure that you might have missed.

Go north from your new base and annihilate the rest of the Soviets and the Missile Silo.
Mission Accomplished.




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