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Soviets - Mission 5 'Don't Drink The Water'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Poison Allied Waterfall,
  • Objective 2: Capture Chronosphere,
  • Objective 3: ChronoShift MCV,
  • Objective 4: Destroy all Allied forces.

When you start this mission, you will have five Engineers, a Supply Truck, and some Grenadiers and Rifle Infantry. Go immediately to the Northwest until you see a road. Follow the road while killing any Enemy Soldiers. At the end of the road, a Ranger awaits and should be easily killed if all soldiers attack simultaneously. Then lead the Supply Truck up to the area where the road ends to poison the water. Don't venture yet. Watch all those Civilians and Allied Soldiers die. Then head southeast where you saw all those Allied Soldiers die. Then head North with your Engineers and capture the Chronosphere.

Then an MCV should arrive. Patiently wait for your Chronosphere to charge. During that time, you should kill those tanks with your remaining soldiers which are to the West before they suddenly leap alive to kill you. When the Chronosphere is charged, Chronoshift the MCV to the Northwest island. But do not deploy it yet or you will some how fail the mission (another bug, probably). Then send your MCV to the North a little to deploy it.

Build the usual. Then use some tanks to head north and destroy the four Turrets on the two hills. After that, get some MiGs ready, like six of them. Then build lots of Tesla Coils, due to large amounts of troops. Same thing to where the Chronosphere is. Build some Tesla Coils over there to protect it from intruders. Then at the main island, build enough tanks for a Tank Rush. Then, take them all to the Northeast of your base and slaughter everything insight. Use Parabombs, ParaTroopers and MiGs to assist.

Destroy everything but the Technology Center. Capture the Technology Center. After you do, make sure that no building is still standing, by exploring the entire base. Now, since you should have some more money, build a War Factory near the Chronosphere. Start producing tanks to get rid of any Allied buildings near that area. After that, destroy the Allied Navy with Submarines and MiGs.
Mission Accomplished.




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