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Soviets - Mission 7 'Brothers In Arms'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Eavesdrop the Molotov Brothers,
  • Objective 2: Destroy the Molotov brother's base.

When you start this mission, you will begin with a Spy. Head northeast and enter the base. Get near the Molotov Brothers (you will notice them easily) and start the eavesdropping. After that, they will retire into the H-Q Building. So infiltrate it as well. When they are talking they will notice you. Then, take your Spy to the dropping point. It may be kind of hard because there will be dogs on your tail. So, when exiting the base, Daniel (one of the Molotov brothers) will shoot at you and miss, killing the dogs.

Continue South. When reinforcements arrive, clean out the area. MiGs will get rid of the two Camo. Pill Boxes. With your surviving units and MCV, head a little Northwest where there is some more space. Destroy the two Chrono Tanks there and send the surviving units to the Northwest to find Tanya and some units. After the soldiers in that area die, then it's time to deploy your MCV.

Build the usual and surround your base with Tesla Coils, about three in each open area enemies could get to. Build some V-2 Rockets to help reinforce the base. This is also good because the Molotov brother's Ore Trucks are around the area so they could get zapped and shot at as well. Start building Submarines and send them Northeast to get rid of the Allied Navy, and the Destroyers and such, before they start making Cruisers. If you don't strike the Molotov Brother's base quick enough, they will come after you. Your Tesla Coils, V-2 Rockets and Attack Dogs will finish them off quickly.

Then do a Tank Rush on the main base and destroy. Then go east of their base and destroy the Advanced Power Plants. Finally, send all your units to the South East of the entire island where a few units and structures will be. Take them all out.
Mission Accomplished.




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