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Soviets - Mission 8 'Deus Ex Machina'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy all Allied Radar Domes,
  • Objective 2: Rescue Volkov,
  • Objective 3: Terminate Volkov,
  • Objective 4: Destroy all Allied forces.

When you start this mission you will begin with some Mammoth Tanks and some Tesla Tanks and a V-2 Rocket. Send the Tesla Tanks to kill the Ranger who signaled the Longbow Helicopters. Try to hurt them as much as you can with the Mammoth Tanks. Wait until another reinforcements to arrive. You will get some Tesla Tanks and an MCV. Deploy the MCV and build the usual.

Send some tanks to the North and destroy the Demo Truck. Then take all the tanks to the Northeast part of the map where they will encounter a pretty large base. Destroy everything in the top part of the base (or capture) so the bottom part of the base will be a lure for Volkov. Destroy the Radar Dome up there.

Now, this part my be a little tricky. Send a Spy Plane to the Northwest and you will find another Radar Dome. Use Missile Subs or MiGs to take out the Gap Generator before it covers it up and use another Spy Plane to unrevealed everything. Use Missile Subs or MiGs to take out the Radar Dome. Now, take some normal Submarines and take out the two Destroyers, which are next to the island you just finished off. Then, find the other island which is right next to it and do the same. Watch out, because there is a line of Turrets that you might want to get rid of. Use another Spy Plane to reveal the location temporarily and blast the Gap Generator again with your MiGs/Missile Subs.

Then send another Spy Plane in and make quick work of the Radar Dome. Then, at your base, build a horde of Tanks and Attack Dogs. Send the Tanks to the Southwest corner of the map and go west and then a little North East to find the final frontier. When you find this, make a line of Attack Dogs where your base entrance is. Do the Tank Rush to wipe out the Gap Generator and the Radar Dome and flares will pop up around the Fake War Factory. Infiltrate it with a Engineer and Volkov will come out. He seems "unstable" so you have to exterminate him, but don't do that yet. Let Volkov C-4 that Allied base and when he continues Northeast let him C-4 that Allied Base and kill any tanks/soldiers that you might have missed.

When he starts coming to your base, send the horde of Attack Dogs and he will only kill a few. They will gobble him up and then find the rest of the Allied Buildings/Units and send MiGs, tanks, and whatever to take them out.
Mission Accomplished.




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