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Soviets - Mission 9 'Grunyev Revolution'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Attack the Civilians,
  • Objective 2: Signal for reinforcements,
  • Objective 3: Destroy all Allied forces,
  • Objective 4: Destroy the "Unstable" Elite Units.

In this mission, you will begin with some tanks and soldiers . Go a little Northwest where a civilian called Special #1 will attack you. When you wear him down, he will run like a sissy into the church and another civilian will come out. Kill him quickly for he is a Kamikaze unit who can practically destroy your group of tanks. Then retreat and go north. Try not to destroy the tanks because the sooner the MCV arrives, the better.

After you signal for reinforcements, destroy the annoying Allied Tanks/Units. Build the usual and build a lot of Attack Dogs and put them in the Civilian Village on "Guard" mode to kill any Civilians that might be venturing near your base. Build enough tanks for a "Tank Rush" and send them Southwest where you will find a mini base. Destroy or capture it. I recommend capturing it because it is very useful when an Allied Unit comes near, you can fry it with a Tesla Coil.

Then, with the rest of your surviving tanks head north where you should see a large crowd of civilians, venturing to your main base. Send Attack Dogs and tanks to kill them and run them over. When you kill them, Stalin's "Elite" Units will come. They will attack the Civilian bases but when they are done, they will attack you. Some Tesla Coils and V-2 Rockets will take them out nicely.
Mission Accomplished.




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