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Allies - Mission 1 'Sarin Gas 1: Crackdown'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy all Soviet Units and Structures,
  • Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet Convoy Trucks,
  • Objective 3: Infiltrate Technology Center.

When you start this level, you will begin with some Rifle Men and a Mine Layer and an MCV. Deploy the MCV. Use the Rifle Infantry to take out Soviet soldiers. Immediately start building Camo. Pillboxes to take out Soviet soldiers.

When you build some tanks, take them Southeast and destroy that little outpost over there. Do not head north yet because you will instantly be slaughtered by Tesla Coils. Instead, head back to your base and head north. Then build an APC with at least one Spy in. Head East from there to find a Soviet Civilian Town. You can kill them if you wish. Head East a little more until you see a Radar Dome and some infantry and dogs. Kill them and deploy the APC and infiltrate the Radar Dome. Flares will start popping out through where the Convoy Trucks can escape.

Now from there, head south. Try to avoid the Tesla Coils and destroy all the Power Plants in the Southeastern part of the base to shut off the Tesla Coils. Then, destroy the Construction Yard and extirpate every Soviet.
Mission Accomplished.




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