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Allies - Mission 2 'Sarin Gas 2: Down Under'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Infiltrate War Factories,
  • Objective 2: Get to the other side of building.

When you start this level, you will begin with a ton of infantry and a Spy. Use the Spy on the side panel to deactivate the Turret. Then use the Rifle Infantry on the three oncoming Enemy Soldiers coming. Head east a little to find two Enemy Soldiers. Annihilate them. The two Flame Turrets could pose a problem so take the Spy and send him North in the cross section and deactivate a Flame Tower. Then send him South and infiltrate the War Factory to hijack a Convoy Truck.

When he reappears, send him North to the control panel to deactivate the other Flame Towers. Watch out for the Attack Dog though. Then let your Spy stay there. So dogs can't hurt him. Then, move the band East and blow up the barrels, killing the Dogs and Soldiers. Then head east a little more and kill the rest of the dogs and soldiers. Then send the Spy to the north and activate the panel, killing the Grenadiers, making your way clear.

Then, send your Spy to the north and activate the control panel again, destroying the Tesla Coil so the surviving Tesla Coil could get rid of the Mammoth Tank the comes while getting destroyed at the same time. Then, with your soldiers, go where the Spy is and head east and kill all the Enemy Soldiers. Then head South with the Spy and activate the two Control Panels, destroying the two Flame Tower.

Now Tanya is at your command and she is very good in this mission. Go North with your Spy and Tanya. Use Tanya to kill the Enemy Soldiers in that room. Then head South from that room and kill all the Attack Dogs, freeing another Spy and a Medic. When you free the Spies, Volkov will show up from the North, kill him. Then, with a Spy, head past the Flame Towers and infiltrate the War Factory, hijacking the Mammoth Tank, which will go straight to the other side of the base, kamikazing itself, destroying the two Flame Towers. Send at least one person to the end of the building.
Mission Accomplished.




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