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Allies - Mission 4 'The Fall Of Greece 1: Personal War'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Get Stravos to safety.

When you start this level, a soldier will signal for reinforcements. Stravos and Tanya will come. Use Tanya to take out the Enemy Soldiers who are attacking a village. Keep Stravos near Tanya just in case you leave him by himself and some murderous ParaTroopers touch down beside him...

Head north and avoid the Mammoth Tank. Keep on heading north. If you don't know where you are going, follow the crowd of Civilians. Grab the Health Crate and continue Southwest as soon as possible because the base is going to get nuked like crazy. Shoot down Grenadiers that might be in your way and continue west.

A Transport will arrive and will give you five Medium Tanks and the Transport will blow up. Head Southeast and shoot the barrels to get rid of the Advanced Power Plant, powering down the Tesla Coil. Now head north and blow up the Barrels when you see the two Mammoth Tanks. Then head Southwest then North and destroy the Convoy Truck for a Health Crate.

Then use your Tanks and charge ahead and blow up the barrels and fight off the Flame Towers while you position Stravos and Tanya where the barrels were. Use Tanya to C-4 the War Factory, and the Barracks. Then five Tanks will arrive to assist. Get Stravos out through the Eastern exit but watch out. Then head north with Stravos and load him into the Chinook helicopter.
Mission Accomplished.




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