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Allies - Mission 5 'The Fall Of Greece 2: Evacuation'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Rescue Civilians or Destroy All Soviet Structures and Units.

When you start this level, you will begin with some Rangers, an MCV and some soldiers. Head South a little with the MCV and deploy it and use the Rangers to defend the base from the three Enemy Soldiers. Build the usual and some defenses.

First send some tanks and Rangers to the South and clear out those Soviets. Then head South with a Ranger and some Civilians will come out. Send them to your base. Then, West of that Village head north a little to find another Village. Take them to your base as well. Then, send a Ranger to the Southwest corner of the map and rescue the Civilians. Then take the Ranger and go to the Northeast from that village to rescue some more civilians.

Now build some Destroyers and send them South and destroy all Submarines and continue South and anhilate the base.
Mission Accomplished

Or capture the Enemy's Sub Pen and build some Transports and load Civilians in them and build an extra with some soldiers because as soon as the Civilians touch down on the island, Para Troopers will attack.
Mission Accomplished.




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