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Soviets - Mission 2 'Besieged'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture Allied Base,
  • Objective 2: Kill Saboteur,
  • Objective 3: Destroy all Allied forces,
  • Objective 4: Keep Forward Command Post intact.


When you start this mission, the Saboteur will be destroying your base. First, he will take out the bridge and your Con. Yard. That guy will constantly take out your Tesla Coils. To help you beat this mission, you should capture the Allied Base just North of you. So, build some Transports and load them with V-2 Rockets, Tanks and Engineers.

Send them north a little bit and deploy the Transports. Send the V-2 Rockets up first, followed by some tanks. Use the V-2 Rockets to take out the two Camo. Pillboxes and the two Turrets. Then, send some tanks in and destroy the two Medium Tanks who are also guarding the entrance. Now, go straight ahead with your tanks and such and take out any other tanks or soldiers.

Use the Engineers to capture the Barracks and start producing more Engineers to capture the base. Build Turrets to take out the Destroyers by edging them on the shores. Now, build at least three Helipads. Keep on building Hind Helicopters until you have at least seven of them. Look on your map to the East and you should see the Saboteur on a cliff. Tear him to pieces with your seven Hinds, don't worry about the defenses, because they will never get them all.

With the Saboteur gone, your base is safe from sudden explosions. At your old base, build more Turrets and Pillboxes to guard yourself from the Allies. Those structures are very useful for extra defenses. Now, build an Allied Tech Center and wait for the GPS Satellite to load. It is very useful, after all because the whole map becomes clear.

All you have to do, is to do a Tank Rush on the two Allied Bases to the East. They are separated in a ridge, but take out the Ore Trucks first and destroy their AA-Guns. Use Hinds to assist in taking out the Enemy Units, for they cannot hit them (except Rocket Soldiers).

When they reproducing building and repairing, the Allies will slowly waste all their money. Destroy them all and send them Northeast to find a Technology Center with two Camo. Pillboxes guarding it. Destroy them and destroy the Technology Center. Make sure you destroyed all of the Allies.
Mission Accomplished.




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