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Soviets - Mission 3 'Mousetrap'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Kill Stravos,
  • Objective 2: Prevent Engineers from dieing.


When you start this mission, you will begin with some Attack Dogs, Rifle Infantry, Engineers and Flamethrowers. You will see Stravos run away into the Chronosphere, summoning some Rifle Infantry. Take them out with your own group. Next, send your Rifle Infantry men to the East corridor and South when you reach the end. Then head East from there and you will find a Crate, containing the Iron Curtain effect. Then send the Rifle Infantry North to meet another five Enemy Soldiers. Take them all out.

Then, take them north a little to meet another soldier. Take him out as well. Then, head East from there and take out that soldier too. You will see Stravos, but don't attempt to attack him yet, or he will run away. Instead, take out the Rifle Infantry guarding the entrance. Don't think you could kill them both so, take some Flamethrowers to assist.

Now, with your two Engineers, send them West where the Flamethrowers just slaughtered the soldiers. You will see a Chronosphere in critical condition, send one of your Engineers in. This will allow the Engineer to get to the other Chronosphere right above it, and the one you captured will automatically self-destruct so don't try to fix it. Send the Engineer you just transported to the Northeast where you will find a Control Panel. Activate it to destroy all of the Advanced Power Plants around it, including a lot of the Chronospheres, so Stravos can't use them. Be sure to make that Engineer to take the Iron Curtain crate so he can't die from the Toxic Smoke.

Then, you will receive a reinforcement of some more Rifle Infantry and Flamethrowers. Use them well to take out the defenses right before Stravos. As you continue, you will continue getting more reinforcements. When Stravos runs away, he will put a Toxic Gas barricade so kill the two soldiers and go right around it. Then send your troops North from there and shoot down the eleven soldiers. Then head North from there and kill Stravos. He should be easy to kill, for he just stands there. Use Attack Dogs or just shoot him down.
Mission Accomplished.




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