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Soviets - Mission 4 'Legacy of Tesla'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy Allied prototype MiG,
  • Objective 2: Destroy all Allied forces.


When you start this level, you will begin with a base without an Con. Yard and some SAM sites and lots of Units, including Tesla Tanks. When the level begins, three Small Tanks will attack from the South. Your defenses will easily take them out. Watch out for Longbows and such and start constructing Tanks as soon as you get money.

You should capture the Con. Yard to the West. So, when you build enough tanks, send them South. You will see a Civilian Village. Destroy the Village and all of the Enemy Units that gather there.

By this time, the Allied MiG will come by to drop a A-Bomb on you so when you see that MiG, run away as far as you can, and it might actually destroy your enemies on accident. Use Flamethrowers on the Civilian Buildings and just leave them there. After you build enough tanks for a Tank Rush, send them all South and cut off their money supply, taking out the Ore Trucks. At your base, you should be experiencing pesky Rocket Soldiers destroying SAM Sites. Use V-2 Rockets and plant them at the Concrete Wall to easily kill them off.

After destroying the base south, concentrate on the base to the West of your base. Use V-2 Rockets to take out the Turrets and Pillboxes.

Next, destroy everything in the base except the Naval Yard. Capture it with some Engineers. Start building a horde of Destroyers to destroy the Longbows and the MiG when they attempt to pass by. Then, build a Transport and load some Tanks in them. Send your Destroyers South of the Naval Base and destroy all outside defenses. Unload your Transport and scout and attack as much as the little island, opening where to go and such.

After plundering, destroy everything and load the tanks back into the Transport. Go south a little bit more and destroy the annoying Airfield and MiGs. Make sure you destroyed all Allied buildings and structures.
Mission Accomplished.




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