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Soviets - Mission 5 'Soviet Soldier Volkov & Chitzkoi'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Sabotage Allied Center,
  • Objective 2: Destroy Alloy Facility.


When you start this mission, Volkov and Chitzkoi will be parachuted around barrels. The Allies will shoot the barrels but they will still be alive. Use Chitzkoi to eat up the Rocket Soldiers while Volkov takes out the Civilian Buildings. Destroy the Ranger when it comes at you.

Head North and take out the Soldiers, Civilians and the Tanks. Volkov should easily be able to destroy the tanks. As you head North more, you should see some Allied Soldiers panic and try to run away. They will step on mines and will be blasted to kingdom come. Be sure to take out the Rocket Soldier on the cliff before Chitzkoi jumps the cliff. After that, some Rocket Soldiers will charge from the West. Shoot them down and eat them. Then, as you stand waiting, another Ranger will come. Take it out.

Head East and then North from there. Some Paratroopers will drop down right next to the barrels. Shoot the barrels before they get to close. Head East and take out the Ranger, Tanks and Soldiers and C-4 the Barracks. As you head East more, you will discover a base with Pillboxes and Convoy Trucks and Civilians. Destroy or kill each one of them. Head East from there and destroy the Ore Trucks and the Camo. Pillboxes.

Head South more and destroy the Con. Yard, the Naval Yard and the two Ore Refineries. When you destroy them, Tanya and a group of soldiers will attack you. Take them out, it should be easy except Tanya is going to need some tiring out to do so quickly finish her off with Chitzkoi. Take out the Silos and go west and shoot the barrels to destroy the Power Plants and the Convoy Truck. Grab the Health Crate.

Their job is now done. Take all of your tanks North West to the base and destroy the other tanks and the Alloy Facility.
Mission Accomplished.




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