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Soviets - Mission 7 'Paradox Equation'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture Chronosphere.


This is a very fun mission. You will begin with an MCV. Send it North and deploy it. Build all the usual. Something you will notice is that you can build MCVs! So now, you can easily expand your base. Build some Mammoth Tanks and Heavy Tanks and send them West.

You will also notice that Mammoth Tanks will shoot out fire and Heavy Tanks will shoot electricity! Even V-2 Rockets are slightly changed and more powerful, they shoot Atomic Missiles. You are not the only one affected. Allied Small Tanks will shoot like Mammoth Tanks and Artillery will shoot off double. When you destroy that base, send your Tanks North and take out the tanks.

Then cross the bridge and fight off some more hordes to your North. Send an MCV near the water and deploy it and buy a Sub Pen and take out the Destroyer to the North. Then, build a horde of V-2 Rockets and send them to the Northern base and take out the base.

After that, build a Transport full of Mammoth Tanks. Send them to the Northeastern island and destroy all the enemy units there including the resurrection of Stravos. Run over the fence and send two Engineers in to capture it.
Mission Accomplished.




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