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Mission 10 'Hearts and Minds'


The cities of the world's Yellow Zones are an essential source of the support, sanctuary, and soldiers Nod requires in our struggle against GDI. Without them, the Brotherhood would be nothing but an empty shell.

A mysterious alien force has appeared on the outskirts of the city of Kampala, Uganda. Using an insidious form of mind control, they have bent the population to their will.

Kane cannot risk such instability during this critical time. Eliminate these creatures and take back our city.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Destroy Traveler-59 Drone Platforms.
  • Primary 2: Destroy Traveler-59 Eradicator
  • Bonus 1: Eliminate Cultists to rescue Nod combatants
  • Bonus 2: Construct Redeemer to battle Traveler-59 Eradicator

Make a crane and a shredder turret. When the crane is finished, build a barrack next to your tibierum spike and make a Saboteur to capture it. Send your Raider Buggy to kill the Southern group of Cultists, and build two refineries to place at your main base. Place your Shredder Turret at the northern entrance to your base, near the eastern border of the map. Begin building a War Factory and an Outpost and basecrawl with your buildings to the blue tiberium field.

Make a SAM turret as soon as your Outpost is built. Assemble two Scorpion Tanks at your War Factory and then queue up three harvesters. Build three Refineries at the blue tiberium field to get your economy up, then get a Tech Center. Upgrade Laser Capacitors and being spamming Avatars from your War Factory, then make a few Obelisks by the blue tiberium field, with a Shredder for support. Make four Air Towers and fill them with Vertigos, then spam Venoms.

Send all of your Vertigos to take out a Drone Ship. When it's destroyed, a Heroic Eradicator will appear. Cancel your Venoms and build a Redeemer. Your Redeemer can't take out a Heroic Eradicator by itself, so you're going to need some support. It takes 32 bombs from a Vertigo to kill one, and you have 16 Vertigos. You know what to do.

Once you've bombed the Eradicator to smithereens, send out your Venoms and kill the groups of Cultists that are spread out around the map. Destroy the last two Drone Ships with your Vertigos. If one lifts off, chase it with your Venoms and it'll die within a few seconds.




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