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Mission 12 'Will Made Flesh'


Nod's generals are dead, their militias defeated. Kane has neither been seen nor heard since the events at Temple Prime. In the eyes of the world, the Brotherhood has finally been annihilated.

All is not as it seems.

From his underground bunker, Kane calls on you, LEGION, to awaken the Marked of Kane. It is with this cybernetic army that you shall claim the Tacitus.

Ascension draws near.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Capture Marked of Kane Control Nodes.
  • Primary 2: Protect Control Nodes until Marked of Kane awaken.
  • Bonus 1: Control Nodes take less than 50% damage.

Build a crane and train two Saboteurs and two Militants. Capture both Tiberium Spikes and then make refinery and a War Factory. Build two Scorpion Tanks and send one along with a Militant to each Tiberium Spike. Make three Harvesters and tech up to a Tech Center. Build two more War Factories and spam Avatars. Move your MCV up to the green Tiberium field and build three refineries with a War Factory and two Shredder turrets at it. When that's all up, move your MCV north again and take that Tiberium too. When you're up there, being building a Temple of Nod. When it is placed, move your MCV all the way south and then to the east a little and build a few refineries on that Tiberium field as well.

Build a Redeemer there and garrison it with a Saboteur and a Black Hand. Spam Avatars from all five of your War Factories until your Nuclear Missile is ready. Send them all in with your Redeemer first to soak up fire. Nuke the top half of the GDI base and then send your avatars to the northeast corner of the map to take out that small base too.

Build four Saboteurs and put them in Carryalls to capture the Marked of Kane control nodes. Wait three minutes and thirty seconds for victory.




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