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Mission 4 'A Grand Gesture...'


With Marcion returned to the fold, Nod approaches resurrection. All Kane requires now is a sign, an act, a message to the faithful that the Brotherhood has returned.

In central Australia, a GDI research team struggles to harness the raw, untamed power of liquid Tiberium. Should their experiments be destabilized, the results would be quite...catastrophic.

Soon, all the world shall bear witness to Nod's violent rebirth.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Destroy GDI Liquid Tiberium Research Lab.
  • Bonus 1: Knock out Research Complex Power Station.
  • Bonus 2: Capture Purifier Husks.

You have no time to waste in this one. Build a Crane, then a Barracks and a Refinery. Queue up seven Saboteurs and set a way point to the tiberium spikes north of your base. Capture the five Purifiers and send them back as you capture them, and get the spikes last. Build another refinery and a war factory to repair your Purifiers. Build a Shredder Turret if you need to. Get a Secret Shrine and an Operation Center for the Purifying Flame upgrade and powerful anti-air units. Set up two SAM Turrets and get two Mantises, as the enemy will send fleets of Orcas at you.

You'll have to fight for a minute or two, repairing your Purifiers and recapturing them with Saboteurs. Once the enemy stops sending so many titans and wolverines and infantry at you, expand with an emissary to the tiberium field north of your base and build a War factory there to repair the defending Purifier. Build a barracks at your expansion so you can train Saboteurs close to the purifier husks. Take those over and base crawl to the green tiberium field.

With the extra money, upgrade Dozer Blades and begin spamming Scorpion Tanks. Once you have a few you can send them out to guard the remaining group of Purifier husks so your engineers can safely take them. Repair the purifiers, thensend them and your army of scorpion tanks to destroy the power plants, then finally swarm the base.




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