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Mission 5 'Keys to the Kingdom'


While you slumbered, Nod has grown and evolved, assuming control of the planet's newly established yellow zones while remaining dormant in the eyes of our enemies.

All the while, GDI has grown complacent, lazy, their dependence on the global Ion Cannon network rednering them far weaker than the council could possibly imagine.

Now is the time to act.

We must raid GDI's Johannesburg research facility, for there we shall find the plans for Ion Cannon network - and the means to its undoing.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Destroy GDI Network Communications Center
  • Primary 2: Destroy GDI Ion Cannon Uplink
  • Primary 3: Capture the Network Research Centers before the Ion Cannon re-aligns
  • Bonus 1: Capture Network Research Centers 2 minutes prior to Ion Cannon re-alignment

Send your starting units east and kill the rifleman patrol. Run in and let your commando take out everything. Have your shadow teams fly over and plant a charge on one of the power plants, then have them fly out. Send in your Commando and, again, take out everything, save the Ion Cannon Control Center. Fly in your Shadow Teams and, one by one, plant a charge on the same section of the bridge to destroy it. Wait until the cool down on the explosives is almost up, then fly them up again. Destroy the Ion Cannon Control Center with your Commando. This is a good time to save.

When the map expands, there are a few things you have to do. First, send your Commando and Reckoners northwest to the bridge with the Watchtowers and Barracks. Deploy your Reckoners and let your Commando take out infantry. Use the Reckoners to destroy the Barracks and Watchtower, then to hold the bridge. While this is happening, fly your Shadow Teams east of the Ion Cannon Uplink and destroy the bridge north of the eastern reasearch center to cut off enemy reinforcements there. There are two rigs gaurding this research center, and it takes three satchel charges to take one down.

Build a crane and set up your base, with three refineries, three war factories, and a barracks. Have your shadow teams take out the rigs and send a Saboteur to take the research center. Send your MCV east so you can build refineries by the other tiberium field. Make three more Saboteurs and put them in two Reckoners, then spam Scorpion Tanks with Dozer Blades. Once you have about 40 Scorpion Tanks and 10 Raider Buggies, go out and capture the three remaining Control Centers.




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