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Mission 7 'The Doctor Vanishes'


Dr. Alphonse Giraud, GDI's leading Liquid Tiberium research scientist, has become an impediment. He must disappear before he can enlighten the fool Boyle, or Kane's plan will be endangered.

Giraud's facilities are located in Blue Zone 8, in the same Chilean spaceport formerly used to staff and maintain the Philadelphia.

The Prophet requires Giraud alive - he believes the good doctor can be converted to our cause.

Do not fail him.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Capture Giraud's Lab
  • Primary 2: Escort Dr. Giraud's Transport
  • Bonus 1: Capture the Spaceport Control Center

You can't waste any time at the start of this mission. Immediately send your flame tanks up the hill to the north west and build a barracks. Send the flame tanks to the blue tiberium field surrounded by the GDI base and destroy it. When your barracks is built, make two Saboteurs, one Confessor CABAL, and four Militant Rocket Squads and place the rally point at the tiberium silos.

Build a crane and then an Command Outpost and a war factory, then a refinery when the outpost is finished. Place the war factory and refinery at the blue tiberium field (the silos give a large build radius) and build a reckoner, a barracks, and two more war factories, then two more refineries at your expansion. Put your rocket troops in the reckoner, then make a few Shredder Turrets.

Send three engineers to the two tiberium silos and tiberium spike near the easter corner of the dock. Spam Scorpion Tanks and Shredder Turrets while you tech up. The enemy will send a small force of infantry and Predator Tanks to your main base. A few Militant Rocket Squads and a shredder turret or two will counter it. When you're teched up, upgrade Charged Particle Beams, Purifying Flame and maybe Quad Turrets if you feel you need the extra boost. Spam out Purifiers now and place shredder turrets and SAM turrets at your expansion to fend off attacks.

As soon as you feel like your expansion is relatively safe, send a Purifier to the northwest corner of the map. There's a small GDI base there, and your single Purifier should be able to burn it down. With that destroyed, your expansion won't be flanked while you take out the main GDI base. Just walk your Purifiers in in two groups, put them on agressive mode, and let their flame throwers take care of the rest. Send a Purifier into the city to clear the garrisons, then capture the Space Port with a Saboteur.

When you capture Doctor Giraud, he'll enter an air transport and you'll have to escort it to the battleship. The enemy units fly in at the dock, so move your Purifiers there and make some Mantises to counter Hammerheads and Ox transports. The ground units come up onto the dock on the ramp in a transport, so put your Purifiers there. Mantises should go everywhere else on the dock. Wait for the transport to get to the evac point, and you win.




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