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Mission 8 'MARV Rising'


Nod central command has received disturbing reports from the African Red Zone. ZOCOM, GDI's elite anti-Tiberium task force, have commenced reclamation efforts.

While this is disturbing, even more unsettling is the news that ZOCOM deployed a new weapon in their war against the crystal - the Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle, or MARV.

This massive Mammoth/Harvester hybrid has already decimated several scout patrols, and we as of yet lack an appropriate counter. You must track down the MARV, locate the ZOCOM base where it is maintained and learn how it is built.

Only then can we construct an appropriate response.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Capture Reclamator Hub
  • Primary 2: Destroy MARV
  • Primary 3: Defend Reclamator Hub until Upload completes
  • Primary 4: Construct Redeemer Engineering Facility
  • Primary 5: Construct Redeemer
  • Primary 6: Destroy ZOCOM Bases
  • Bonus 1: Destroy ZOCOM's reinforcement MARV's

Begin by upgrading EMP Coils from the Tech Center and Disruption Pods from your Air Tower. Assemble a Raider Buggy and a Vertigo Bomber and build a Crane, then two more refineries at each tiberium field. Send your stealth tanks off to the side and wait for the MARV to come. Place a disruption pod on your raider buggies to stealth them and then run them up to the MARV and activate EMP Coils while your Stealth Tanks flank the MARV and your Specters+Purifiers attack it head on.

Make a Secret Shrine, use the Shadow Team support power, and make two more. Fly them over the hills on the western or eastern border into the back of the enemy base. Use your satchel charges on the Airfields that are full of Orcas. It takes two satchel charges to take out an airfield.

Upgrade Tiberium Core Missiles and Laser Capacitors. Being spamming Militant Rocket Squads, Venoms, and Avatars. When you have a decently sized army, send them at the enemy base and destroy it. You can use your Shadow Teams to take out the rigs; it takes three satchel charges to do so.

Once the base is destroyed, send in a Saboteur and capture the Reclamator Hub. It gives you a build radius, so make two War Factories by it so you can heal your Avatars. Make a few refineries by the tiberium field and wait for the time to expire. The enemy really doesn't send out much during this time.

When the time is up, two MARVs will appear. Build a Redeemer Engineering Facility and begin constructing a Reddemer. Send your armies back to your base to destroy the MARVs, then send your army to one of the enemy Construction Yards and just steam roll the base. Garrison two Black Hands in your Redeemer and use it to destroy the other base. ezmode.




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