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Mission 9 'The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar'


Kilian Qatar has shown her true colors - the general is a heretic, plotting against Kane. As the general has wormed her way into the public's good graces, Abbess Alexa believes them unlikely to accept her heresy on faith alone.

They will require proof. Proof that you will provide.

Kane's forces are currently engaged in a desperate defense of Temple Prime. Infiltrat the battle in the guise of Kilian and commit an act of unforgivable betrayal. Soon, all the world will know.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Destroy Anti-Aircraft Batteries
  • Primary 2: Destroy GDI Base
  • Primary 3: Destroy Laser Fence Control Tower
  • Primary 4: Infiltrate Ion Shield Research Center
  • Primary 5: Reach Evac Point
  • Bonus 1: Saboteur reaches Evac Point unharmed

Don't try to do a crazy strategy with your commando where you attack and kill a single rifleman squad, then stealth, then come back again and kill another one, etc. It's unneeded and doesn't work in this mission. That's not to say you should attack a group of 10 riflemen, but you should keep a happy medium. Destroy the riflemen gaurding the first anti aircraft turret, then destroy the power plant and barracks. With the watch towers offline, you can just walk up and take out the other two anti air turrets. If your Commando dies during this, just restart and try again.

You'll now get an MCV and a small force. It doesn't really matter what you do with this, as your allies will destroy the GDI base with plenty of time to spare. Make a crane and three refineries with two extra harvesters, then spam flame tanks and throw them at the GDI base. When the GDI base is destroyed, you lose all your units and buildings, so throw your units at it.

When the base is destroyed, the mission is extremely linear. Kill the enemy militants with your Commando and follow your Commando with your Saboteur. When the third laser fence is destroyed, move your Saboteur back and wait with your Commando for an enemy patrol to come by. Destroy it, and then make a left and take out the power plants. Go back, and take the right path and destroy those power plants as well. Destroy the laser fence and then capture the building with your Saboteur. Take a healing crate with your Commando, then get out of there. Move your Commando in front of your bike again and take out enemy infantry before moving your bike in. Once you get out of the base, you can just make a straight path to the evac point.




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