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Buggy Buggy - Cost: $300
Designed for recon and hit and run tactics, the Buggy sacrifices armour for speed, but it is not completely without merit. The speed means you can run over infantry before they know what's happening and doge slow moving projectiles.
It's mounted machine gun means that it can take out infantry, but nothing else. You must try and avoid confrontations with heavy vehicles when in one of these. But when fighting one, a few rockets will do the job nicely.
Wait for the machine gun to reload before facing it, as you will get a beating if it hits you.

APC APC - Cost: $500
This vehicle is similar to the Humm-Vee except with a little less speed and more armour, it's even armed with the same gun as the Buggy which must reload.
It is designed for getting a number of troops to and from areas quickly and safely.

Light Tank Light Tank - Cost: $600
The fastest tank class in existence, it sacrifices armour and firepower for speed.
It really has the same advantages as the Buggy, but can be used for hit and run tactics against heavier vehicles and structures. The great advantage over something like the GDI Mammoth Tank is that you can shoot, retreat, shoot retreat gradually wearing away at it.

Artillery Artillery - Cost: $450
The Artillery fires shells at long range, they are deadly against everything, but designed for use against buildings out of range of the defences.
So what are the weaknesses? Well, there's some slow speed and light armour to help the annoying GDI kill you, so you'll need to be backed up by some Engineers.

Flame Tank Flame Tank - Cost: $800
The tank itself is quite lightly armoured, but the wallop it punches sure isn't!
Take some caterpillar tracks, stick two huge flamethrowers on a turret, stick the turret on the tracks, and what do you get? The Flame Tank! That's basically what it is!
The jets of flame are so hot, they easily burn infantry, and can melt metal up to 8 inches thick! So it's pretty darn effective against everything! As an added bonus, infantry will continue to burn even after they've got out of the flame.
Unfortunately, the armour (as I've said before) is light and the range of the streams of super heated flame is limited. But, the flames make it difficult to see, so the enemy may not be able to target you so effectively.

Stealth Tank Stealth Tank - Cost: $900
The Stealth Tank is not dissimilar to the light tank, in that it's fast and lightly armoured, but there are some crucial differences.
The most noticeable one being that if fires rockets instead of shells, the second (and least noticeable - at least to your enemies) is that it can cloak! It will remain invisible until it either gets too close to an enemy vehicle or infantry, or fires, but by then it's probably too late for them to do anything anyway.

Apache Attack Helicopter Apache Attack Helicopter - Cost: $900
It is very fast moving and is armed with a light machine gun for use against infantry, and rockets to combat structures and vehicles.
It can easilly be shot down however, but you can avoid the slower projectiles if you are quick!

Transport Helicopter Transport Helicopter - Cost: $700
The Transport Chopper is used to transport infantry around the battlefield very quickly.
The chopper itself is not armed at all so it is completly helpless when it encounters enemy fire, although it can take a bit more punishment than an Apache.

Tiberium Harvester Tiberium Harvester - Cost: $N/A
Does what the name says.
It goes out to the Tiberium field and harvests it, then brings it back to the Refinery where it is converted into credits. It's slow but extremely heavily armoured, there's maybe more armour on it than on the GDI Mammoth Tank!

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