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Mission 1 'The Scorpion Hunters'

Intel is reporting evidence of an uncharted Nod installation. Storms and rough terrain are interfering with our satellite scans, so Eagle Base has dispatched a recon team to investigate. Your sqaud will lead the extraction effort once Recone One has confirmed the base coordinates.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Locate the secret NOD base.

Grab the ammo behind you and follow the path. Join the GDI team and kill every single Nod soldier. When they are all killed, an engineer will fix the medium tank.

Enter the medium tank and wait until the blocked path is opened for you. Follow the path again and splat the Nod soldiers. Try to take out the helicopter. Destroy the harvester (and other Nod soldiers) and follow the path again.

You've just found the base! Just wait until the other tanks are destroyed and attack yourself. First take out tanks, then the SAM sites and last the gun emplacements. Wait until the base is destroyed by the GDI.

Congrats! You just won your first (easy) mission.




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