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Mission 2 'Rescue and Retribution'

Satellite imagery indicates the Nod Detention Center is adjacent to the Nod Communications Center. Locate the Nod Detention Center.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary Objective 1: Locate Detention Center.
  • Primary Objective 2: Access Communications Mainframe.
  • Primary Objective 3: Open Detention Center.
  • Secondary Objective 1: Rescue Prisoners
  • Secondary Objective 2: Contact GDI Commander
  • Secondary Objective 3: Eliminate Nod Officer
  • Secondary Objective 4: Destroy Nod Turrets
  • Secondary Objective 5: Rescue Clergy
  • Secondary Objective 6: Disable Hand of Nod.

Grab the weapon in front of you and keep walking straight ahead.

* Primary: Locate Detention Center - Satellite imagery indicates the Nod Detention Center is adjacent to the Nod Communications Center. Locate the Nod Detention Center. *

Pick up the data link update and climb up the ladder.

* Secondary: Rescue Prisoners - Several GDI prisoners of war are being rounded up by Nod forces. Eliminate the Nod guards and help the prisoners evacuate the area. *

You don't have to follow the soldier. Take the right path next to the big building, pick up the C4 and destroy the truck. Grab the C4 and the gun and follow the path.

* Secondary: Contact GDI Commander - The GDI base commander is carrying a new weapon prototype. We cannot allow it to fall into Nod hands. Locate the GDI base commander and contact him for details. *

Don't follow the path yet. First, destroy the remaining 2 trucks with remote C4 and climb the ladder of the left building. Grab the sniper Rifle here and go back to the path. Now follow it. Let the 2 soldiers clear the path for you. Enter the small house to complete this secondary objective. You'll get the prototype; A cannon beacon.

Enter the mine, quickly grab the date link update and return outside. Follow the path again.

* Secondary: Eliminate Nod Officer - Nod Officers often coordinate with Command for reinforcements or artillery strikes. Eliminate the Nod Officer to prevent additional reinforcements from arriving. *

Wait until the light tank is with the other tanks and enter the guard tower. Climb up the ladder and kill the Nod Officer.

Grab the sniper Rifle. Exit the tower and kill the reinforcements. Follow the right path.

* Secondary: Destroy Nod Turrets - Destroying the turrets on the beach will help protect the GDI Gunboat, which coordinates with Command for additional support. Find these turrets and eliminate them. *

Take out the soldiers and engineers (there's also one on the left side of the beach, so watch out). Place C4 on the turrets and destroy them. You'll get a medium tank. Enter it and follow the path. Go to the small farm and enter it for some goodies. Also enter the house. A civilian will give you some information about a hidden path. He'll be picked up by the GDI. Enter the tunnel and take out everything. When you're sure no more Nod forces are in that area, exit the tank and cross the bridge. You'll also have to grab the keycard.

Take the right path and enter the tunnel. Kill the Visceriods here and follow the tunnel again. You'll get another piece of the map. Go back to the bridge now.

Follow the left path 2 times.

* Secondary: Rescue Clergy - The local clergy are being held captive inside their own church. Eliminate the Nod forces in the area and escort the clergy to the air evacuation point outside. *

Enter the church and kill all the Nod forces. Follow the stairs and climb the ladder. You can find a sniper Rifle on the roof. Pick up the supplies that are dropped for you.

Follow the path behind the church and take the left path. Kill everyone here and enter the last guard tower (with the second Nod Officer).

* Secondary: Disable Hand of Nod - Disabling the Hand of Nod will dramatically reduce reinforcements. The building is easier to eliminate by destroying the Master Control Terminal inside. *

Go to the Hand of Nod and destroy the SAM site. Now enter the building. Go straight ahead, left, down, straight ahead and left. Destroy the control panel to destroy the Hand of Nod. If you want, you can see other parts of the building too (Just do it! It looks great!). When you're done, exit the building.

Follow the path again...

* Primary: Access Communications Mainframe - The Nod Detention Center main gate is electronically locked by the Nod Communications Center. Hack the mainframe inside the Nod Communications Center to unlock the gate. *

Enter the building and find the Control Panel. Blow it up.

* Primary: Open Detention Center - Access the Detention Center gate by accessing the nearby control panel. *

Now exit the building and open the gate...




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