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Mission 7 'The Grip of the Black Hand'

The scientists are currently held deep in the bowels of the Chateau. Extract them from the Nod facility.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary Objective 1: Access War Room Computer.
  • Primary Objective 2: Evacuate Scientists.
  • Primary Objective 3: Escort Sydney.
  • Secondary Objective 1: Disable Alarm.
  • Tertiary Objective 1: Infiltrate Secret Cache.
  • Tertiary Objective 2: Rescue Prisoner.

Aah... it's snowing...

* Primary: Access War Room Computer - The current location of the scientists should be stored in Nod information databases. Hack the computer in the War Room to find their position. *

Follow the way. Be sure to sneak!

* Secondary: Disable Alarm - The Chateau alarm has been activaed. Access either of the two indicated alarm control panels to disable the general alert. *

Follow the path and enter the door you see in front of you. You'll end up in a maze. On the right side, enter the door to end up in a small church or something. Go down here and destroy the terminal. Go back outside.

Follow the path and enter the Chateau. Go to the second floor and search for the library. Kill the Black Hands here and search for a secret room behind a bookshelf. Shoot the Ceiling Gun here and grab the new collection of weapons :D

* Tertiary: Infiltrate Secret Cache - In a secret compartment hidden in the second floot library you discovered a significant collection of personal items belonging to Raveshaw. *

Now go all the way up to find the War Room Computer. After a nice talk with Kane, hack the computer.

* Primary: Evacuate Scientists - The scientists are currently held deep in the bowels of the Chateau. Extract hem from the Nod facility. *

Grab the red keycard the officer dropped for you and go to the basement of the Chateau. When you come in a room with 3 cells, first destroy the Ceiling Guns. In the second cell, talk to the prisoners.

* Tertiary: Rescue Prisoner - A GDI prisoner was held captive underneath the Chateau. Setting him free has allowed him to assist in fighting Nod forces. *

Follow the hall again. When you come in a room with 4 doors... in the left room you'll find a datadisc and in the right room you'll find armor. Continue your way. You'll see a kewl movie.

* Primary: Escort Sydney - Sydney Mobious has been recovered from the Chateau, but the place is about to fall apart. Escort Sydney to the exterior and escape. *

Doesn't Sydney look like the girl from the Final Fantasy movie? Nm... ;) Did you see that Helipad when you was on your way? Well... if you do then it's a good idea to go to it now. If you don't now it, just run around and search it :p

* Primary: Eliminate Mendoza - Mendoza must be defeated to clear your path of escape. *

As soon as the battle begins, go left or right, because he'll give you a kick if you don't! Kill the pig and when he runs to Sydney, run to him to end this mission (and Mendoza).




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