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Allies - Mission 2 'Operation Hollywood and Vain'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy all Grinders in the city.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all Yuri buildings.

Deploy the MCV and start building as usual. Get the GIs to head slightly to the northwest and they will find a movie actor called Flint Westwood. He is very good in repelling infantry attacks so keep him alive.

Send the GIs to garrison the hotel to the northwest and train more Guardian GIs and the regular ones to help defend the base from initial Yuri attacks. Don't forget to repair the hotel when it gets damaged.

Quickly build a Battle Lab and reinforcement will come which is consisted of a Battle Fortress and some regular plus some Guardian GIs. Get the Guardian GIs to enter the Battle Fortress and help defend the base while the Prism Tanks should begin to be mass-produced.
When there are about ten Prisms, send them to destroy the Grinder to the east and head north to destroy the Grinder near the stadium. Send an Engineer to capture the Machine Shop along the way to the second Grinder.
Destroying the second Grinder will reveal a crate of money along with a new movie actor, Sammy Stallion.

Head west from here to destroy the third Grinder, again revealing another crate of money. Head to the southwest to penetrate Yuri's base defenses and destroy everything; Yuri will sell his buildings when enough damage is inflicted. Proceed to kill all his Initiates and any remaining tanks then destroy the fourth and last Grinder to the southeast, thus revealing another money crate as well as a new movie actor, Arnie Frankenfurter.
Get the Prism Tanks to go to the northwest corner of the map and destroy all Yuri's buildings here.
Mission accomplished!!!




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