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Allies - Mission 5 'Operation Clones Down Under'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Find and destroy Yuri's Cloning Vats.
  • Objective 2: Destroy Yuri's remaining forces.

Start by building some Pillboxes and Prism Towers around the base and garrison the building just in front of it.
After a few minutes, Eva will inform the base that Yuri is sending his Boomers. Destroy them all with the Destroyers and Dolphins then Eva will transmit that the Koreans are helping by donating their Black Eagles to destroy Yuri's Sub Pen.

Consolidate the base defenses then start to mass-produce Prism Tanks. Build two War Factories to increase the production rate. When enough Prism Tanks are produced, send them along the road to the southeast and destroy any buildings that Yuri garrisoned.
Capture the Machine Shop along the way and there is also a Hospital at the southwestern edge of the map but it is not vital to the war effort. Get the Prism Tanks to destroy every single Yuri's units and buildings.
Mission accomplished!!!




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