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Soviets - Mission 1 'Operation Time Shift'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy the Allied Navy and Grand Cannons.
  • Objective 2: Destroy Pill Boxes around Time Machine to capture it.
  • Objective 3: Capture 4 Power Plants to power Time Machine.
  • Objective 4: Take control of Soviet base and use it to destroy the Psychic Dominator.

Start by destroying the Allied Navy with the Submarines, Giant Squids and Sea Scorpions. Use the Dreadnoughts to take care of the two Grand Cannons. When it is done, they will retreat and four Amphibious Transports will land at the waterside then unload some units.

Zofia will appear to give some explanations on Boris. Move Boris forward followed by the other units behind. Head to the southeast to reach the Time Machine while destroying any opposition and use an Engineer to capture the tech hospital on the way (make sure that the patrolling Grizzly Battle Tanks around are destroyed first).
Ram through the wire fences with the Rhino Heavy Tanks and kill the GIs. Use a second Engineer to capture the Machine Shop next to the Time Machine while the others should be pounding away at the Pillboxes.
A group of Engineer will be parachuted in. Use the Rhinos to secure the four nearest Civilian Power Plants and get the Engineers to capture them.
Be on the lookout for Yuri's Amphibious Transports, as he will try to capture the Civilian Power Plants as well. If he managed to do that, just send an Engineer to re-capture it again.

After four Civilian Power Plants have been captured, the Time Machine will be activated. It turns out that the Engineers put too much energy, causing the time shift to travel back to 65 million years ago. Get the troops to stay were they are and protect the Time Machine from the incoming T-Rexes for about one and a half minute. After a few moments, time shift will occur again and this time the troops will find themselves in the middle of the Soviet invasion in RA2.

Re-capture the Machine Shop next to the Time Machine and head to the northwest along the road to take control of the Soviet base.
Quickly get Boris to head to northeast and destroy Yuri's Lasher Tanks near the Grand Cannons. The Rhinos should come in to help destroy the lone Gatling Cannon nearby. Load Boris into the Amphibious Transport and ferry him over to Alcatraz Island. Boris should disembark and kill off all the Initiates then call an air strike to destroy the Psychic Dominator.
Mission accomplished!!!




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