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Soviets - Mission 4 'Operation Romanov on the Run'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Locate Premier Romanov and protect him.
  • Objective 2: Destroy Yuri's base guarding the airport.
  • Objective 3: Take Romanov to the airport once it is safe.

Setup the base as usual and build a couple Battle Bunkers to counter the initial Yuri attacks. Send an Engineer to capture the oil derrick to the northeast (near the small Yuri base there). Build a Sentry gun nearby to protect it from Yuri's forces.
Build two more War-miners to increase cash flow then start building some Rhino Heavy Tanks. Quickly develop the base and build the Industrial Plant to cut the cost of building vehicles then mass-produce the Rhinos (build two War Factories to increase production rate). Use the Spy Plane when it is ready to reveal the eastern part of the city; the Premier is hiding inside the building called "Rick's Place".

Yuri will occasionally attack the base with some Lasher and Gatling Tanks along with some Initiates plus some Yuri Clones but the Battle Bunkers should be able to take care of them.
While waiting for the tank production to finish, use the Spy Plane to clear as much of the map as possible. Start attacking the central part of the city and wait for the reinforcement to come, which is consisted of three desolators and two Crazy Ivans.
Build five V3 Rockets and use them to fire at the buildings garrisoned by Yuri Initiates while the desolaters should radiate the ground to kill the Initiates once they come out of the building.
Bring the Rhinos over to destroy Yuri's Barracks and the four Gatling Cannons nearby. Go across the bridge on the river and put the Rhinos at near Yuri's base as a "cork" to repel the endless Initiates and Gatling Tanks that Yuri is going to send. The V3 should fire their rockets SIMULTANEOUSLY to take out the Gatling Cannons at the entrance followed by the Psychic Towers.

Send in the Rhinos when the obstacles are cleared to destroy Yuri's base. When the mop up operation is completed, go to the eastern part of the city and approach "Rick's Place" while clearing any opposition along the way.
The Premier will come out after a short cutscene. Simply escort him to the airport.
Mission accomplished!!!




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