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Soviets - Mission 5 'Operation Escape Velocity'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Pick a landing zone and construct a base.
  • Objective 2: Locate and destroy Yuri's Submarine Pen.
  • Objective 3: Finish off all remaining Yuri forces.

Get everyone to land at the southern landing zone while destroying Yuri's Boomers along the way. Setup a base and train three Engineers to capture the oil derricks further to the west. Build a few Battle Bunkers near the westernmost oil derrick to protect against Yuri's troops, which are usually consisted of Initiates, Viruses, Brutes, Yuri Clones and Lasher Tanks.

Build two War-miners as usual and develop the base until Zofia introduced the Siege Chopper. Build an Industrial Plant then there are three choices from which to decide how to complete this mission. The first method is to mass-produce Siege Choppers. Destroy Yuri's base from behind by landing on the ridges and deploying into artilleries before advancing slowly towards the Submarine Pen.
The second method is to mass-produce Kirov Airships and charge the Submarine Pen, hoping to destroy it before getting shot down by the Gatling Cannons.
The third method is to mass-produce submarines and head to the Submarine Pen while fighting off Yuri's Boomers.
When the Submarine Pen is destroyed, Zofia will inform the Soviets that Yuri's base is actually a launching facility for a spacecraft.
Mission accomplished!!!




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