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Soviets - Mission 7 'Operation Head Games'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy Yuri's Fortress.

Deploy the MCV and start building as usual. Build a couple Battle Bunkers to ward off Yuri's initial assaults. Build one or two Flak Cannons as well.
QUICKLY build five Flak Tracks and scout to the north with the Spy Plane's help to prepare for the two Kirovs that will come later.

Assemble a small strike force and head to the northeast of the base to find a small town with a Grinder in the middle. Destroy it to find a crate, which will boost the income slightly. Head to the north from here to find a secret tech lab, capture it with an Engineer.
Head to the west just across the river to find another small town and a Grinder, destroy it to find a money crate.

Quickly build a Nuclear Missile Silo and Yuri will comment that he will make one as well. Roughly three minutes later, he will have one as well. Approximately two minutes later, the Allies will have a Weather Control Device as well. Wait again for another two minutes and Yuri will have a Psychic Dominator.
Don't worry and keep protecting your base from Yuri's attacks. If anything gets destroyed, rebuild it again.
When the nuclear missile is ready, launch it to destroy the Psychic Beacon controlling the Soviet base. Wait for the next nuclear missile to be ready while building some more defenses to protect against Yuri or build up a strike force.
When the missile is ready, fire it to destroy the Psychic Beacon controlling the Allied base then start building some Prism or Robot Tanks. Combine them with the Soviet strike force that had been built earlier then launch a powerful attack to Yuri's base from both side. If the nuclear missile or weather control device is ready before the assault began, use them to destroy Yuri's Bio Reactors so the defenses will be down thus making the strike force's task to be easier.
Ignore any other buildings; focus only on Yuri's Fortress then destroy it once and for all.
Mission accomplished!!!

Congratulations!!! This is the end of the Soviet campaign. You have saved the earth from Yuri's evil plan for world domination as well as establishing a new golden era of Soviet supremacy under Premier Romanov. Enjoy the ending!!! ^_^




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