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China - Mission 1 'Stuttgart-Vichingen, Germany'

As the USA continues to strengthen its homeland defense, China decides to participate in the war against terrorism. The Premier denies any affiliations with those GLA hoodlums, and condemns the fact that some of China's units were used against USA bases. Chinese commanders now pledge full ambitions to remove the GLA from American bases in Europe. China cannot stand anymore equipment to be stolen by the GLA and used against the USA. China has recently Nuked the overtaken American base in Stuttgart, but some GLA stragglers still survive, you mission is to hunt down those stragglers.

After this news report by BCTV (a pirated version of the state television station CCTV, I suppose, heh heh heh.), you will be shown a nuclear missile being prepared for launch. Apparently, our senior intelligence officer Lin Zhon was very angry at the GLA for stealing our hardware, she is also shocked that the United States were defeated so easily, and says that, they may think that they have won the day, but they have regretted too soon. Too soon! In fact, a few seconds later, the Nuke was dropped onto them! Most of the GLA were killed, but there are still some survivors of the blast.

You are now left to play. So, build your base, and defend it from the north with 2 Gattling Cannons and a Bunker filled with Tank Hunters. Then, upgrade your overlord with a speaker tower, and send your troops east, across the river. Take the listening outposts with you to detect stealth.

Tip! Extra Value Meals
Through the production of troop transports in the War Factory, you can easily produce both Red Guards and Tank Hunters en masse now! The Troop Crawler costs $1400, but comes with 8 Red Guard, so it actually costs $200. As for the Listening Outpost, it costs $800, and comes with 2 Tank Hunters! So, it actually costs $200 as well! Keep that in mind.

In the North, there is a town, and it is garrisoned by troops, and has a couple of Demo Traps here and there. Use the Listening Outpost and detect those traps, and use the Inferno Cannons to destroy them. AS for the Garrisoned buildings, clear them out with Flame Tanks.

The rest of the opposition can be taken out by your tanks with little trouble. Now, it's time to move east. Clear the town, the same way as before. The GLA base is to the north, past that river crossing. Send your troops across, but beware of those Demo Traps. When they are clear, call in Carpet Bombs and Artillery Barrage to weaken the enemies' defenses. Then send your troops in. To minimize unit loss, try to allow your Overlord Tank to take most of the strain, as it has the highest HP. Then, when all GLA structures are destroyed, the mission is complete!




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