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China - Mission 2 'Beijing, China'

The recent attacks on the GLA has left them stunned, and their command is going underground again. To counter further GLA attacks, the homeland security has been tightened significantly. The Chinese Premier assures that the GLA will not be able to infiltrate China as they have done that to America. Meanwhile, the people throughout the nation and ready and prepared for any bad situations to come. Unfortunately, the GLA really intends to revenge against China for entering the war. Therefore, they attacked one of China's Nuclear Reactor Complexes outside Beijing, my beloved capital city. Your mission is to secure the complex until reinforcements arrive, and then destroy the GLA from the area completely. If they manage to destroy a Nuclear Reactor or a Nuclear Storage Bunker, then they would have won the encounter.

The opening cutscene shows a large horde of terrorists charging towards your nuclear reactor. They were stopped by your Gattling Cannons, however, a wave of Bomb Trucks then appeared! They were to much for the Gattling Cannons to handle, and well, they blew up half of your base!

You can now assume command. It's time to get your bearings. Have a Nuke Cannon guard each corner of the base, and equip them with the new Neutron Shells! Then, load all available Bunkers with Tank Hunters. Now, it's just a matter of endurance. You have to survive for 10 minutes before reinforcements arrive.

Atomic Tip! Take me to your leader, earthling, or I will atomize your face The Neutron Shells and the Neutron Mines are relying on the power of a sub-atomic particle, the neutron to kill the enemies. Both have a very special capability. One, they vaporize, or atomize infantry units instantly, and two, they can kill drivers inside vehicles, making them vulnerable to capture! The Neutron shell can also kill enemy infantry garrisoned in buildings! Ah, this is great!

Maximum Security Tip! About the 2 types of mines
With the release of Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour, China has received a new type of Mine, the Neutron Mine. The Neutron Mine is actually some kind of proximity nuclear device, and when it detonates, neutrons get released rapidly, and releasing nuclear energy, and kills instantly. Even the metal alloy outer armor of the tanks cannot withstand such energy, and the people inside will get fried. Hence, enemy units will lose its side, and you can send people out to capture them.

Neutron Mines cost $500, and become available once you mine you structure. Both types of mines are very effective in preventing saboteurs and infiltrators from wrecking havoc on your buildings. For instance, if you are inattentive enough, your opponent most likely will send Col. Burton into your base, and plant demo charges all over your buildings, and cause major damage. But with the mines laid, he cannot get close! Hence, if you have the money, mine all of your structures, and it can save you a lot of trouble. Although mines cannot effectively stop units that attack from a range, they can easily notify you if your opponent has snuck a Black Lotus or other Stealth unit into your base, as they come near your mines, you will be notified "Stealth Ability Neutralized" in that case, you can quickly take action and put a quick stop to their sneaky attacks.
Another thing to note that, some new vehicles cannot go without a driver like the Combat Cycle. When they step on a Neutron Mine, the rider dies, and then, the Combat Cycle will lean over to the side, and explode.

After you can withstand the GLA attacks for 10 minutes, reinforcements will arrive in Helix Helicopters. Those Helices are already upgraded with Speaker Towers and Gattling Cannons, even better!

Now, it's time to re-build your base to its former glory. Make sure you fortify the north, south and west, as attacks will come from all directions.

Tip! Helixes and Hoards
As you can see, each Helix Helicopter can store up to 1 Tank and 2 infantry units at once. So, which means that for every tank you build, you must build one Helix. Use this to your advantage, when you have a large number of Helices in the enemies' base, drop everything, and the enemy will have to fight very hard to either stop your tanks or your Helices, so there can be a mutual distraction effect, as the enemy probably will panic and don't know which units to target first. In the confusion, feel free to send your Helices everywhere and Napalm Bombing everything while your Tanks hold off the enemy units and fire on base defenses. Destruction guaranteed.

Space Management Tip! Helix Loads
Different Units take Different Number of passenger spaces in a Helix. Here is the list of all of the units that can be transported by a Helix Helicopter and their respective space usage:
1 Space: Red Guard, Tank Hunter, Hacker, Black Lotus
3 Spaces: Battlemaster Tank, Dragon Tank, Gattling Tank, ECM Tank, Inferno Cannon, Overlord Tank
5 Spaces: Construction Dozer
Units that cannot be transported by Helices: Troop Crawlers, Listening Outposts, Nuke Cannons
If you want to use a Helix as an infantry transport, always upgrade it to a Bunker, then, the passengers can fire at enemies while they travel to their destination. Otherwise, upgrade them evenly with Speaker Towers and Gattling Cannons for an all rounded assault.

Helical Tip! More about Bunker Helixes
A Helix with a bunker installed can go a long way. After all, the infantry inside can easily fire out from the Gun-Ports, making the Helix much deadlier than before. The best way to use these babies is to load them full of Tank Hunters, then you can watch your opponent's tank rush die! If they use anti air u its, use your smaller tank hoard to take them out, then let your Helix take care of the rest! In fact, this tactic has allowed me to win even those I am outnumbered 2 to 1! Even units with anti-missile abilities get shredded in a flash! Of course, if you are playing as "Anvil" Shin Fai, the Chinese Infantry General, his Helices come pre-equipped with Bunkers, and can hold 8 infantry instead of the usual five! Hence, if you see one of these coming to your base, you really would want to shoot it down fast!

When you can finally gain control, start pumping out Battlemasters and other units, and load them into more Helices! Upgrade each Helix with different peripherals, and most important of all, the Napalm Bomb! Now, the first GLA base is to the southwest. Carpet Bomb the Stinger Sites, then sneak your units through. Drop them before they can react. Then start wrecking havoc. As soon as all units are dropped, use your Helix Helicopter to Napalm Bomb their base! The base should be gone in a flash! Just watch out for those RPG Troopers in the palace. There are 3 other bases, in the other 3 corners of the map. Use the same tactics against them and soon, victory will be yours!




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