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China - Mission 3 'Coburg, Germany'

While the GLA is trying to force China into a nuclear stalemate, the Chinese Premier has been invited to participate in the European Security Council's Defense Summit. China has been given the task of driving the GLA out of European cities. Meanwhile, the Chinese Premier regrets the use of Nuclear Weapons against the GLA, and promises the United Nations that they will show more restraint in the future. Your mission is to liberate the city of Coburg, by destroying all of those GLA statues there, before the whole world disagrees with you.

You have been given a base in the southwest quarter of the map. Build your base quickly and fortify it. This mission is rather difficult, not because of the strength of the GLA, but because of the International Opinion meter. Apparently, the whole world is watching us! The longer the battle goes on, the more our International Opinion will fall. If the International Opinion drops to zero, the results will be disastrous as riots will occur around the world to all for us to quit. So, we must strike swiftly!

Build a reasonable sized Tank Hoard, accompanied by some Gattling Tanks, Dragon Tanks and some listening outposts. Start hunting! The first statue is directly to the north of your position. There are a few invisible Stinger Sites guarding it, but they can be taken down with no trouble at all. Destroy the statue, and the International Opinion will rise!

The second statue is to the east of your position. At this time, there may be a team of SCUD Launchers and Scorpion Tanks coming from the east. Use a relatively smaller Tank Division and outrun their SCUD Missile. Then you can destroy those enemy vehicles. This statue is not so well defended, and you can take it out with ease! Now, you can receive your second time extension! (Just like those rally games in the video arcade!)

Now, you will notice that there is a statue to the north, and another one to the east. Go for the one to the east first. Hurry, destroy the Stinger Sites and destroy that statue! The world cheers again! There is another statue further east by the GLA outpost. This is the outpost where the GLA pumps out most of their units against you. So, I suggest that you retreat as soon as possible after you destroy that statue, otherwise, they will send in large quantities of troops after you, and will result them being outgunned. Now, head back west to the other statue there. It again is guarded by camouflaged stinger sites, take them out and destroy the statue!
Now, there should only be one statue left, in the north of the map. That's where the GLA's main base is. If you are fast enough, you should have 40+ International Opinion left on the meter or so. So, build up a large strike force, and go in, and destroy it! Remember to clear out those garrisoned structures with Dragon Tanks first, though, as there are RPG troopers inside those buildings.
Destroy the last statue, and the mission is complete.

Note: Another way to destroy the last statue is by Carpet Bombing. However, it seems that EA is planning to remove this ability in this mission in an upcoming patch, so I advocated the above method.




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