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GLA - Mission 1 'Outside the City'

As the "mercenaries" of the United States continue to hunt down for Dr. Thrax, GLA leaders have decided to stop trying to protect this deranged scientist as he is known to be unstable. The USA is still "senselessly" relying on its air power in an attempt on destroying the last of the GLA. However, neither the USA or the Chinese could really breakthrough to capture the GLA chain of command. The GLA leaders promise a continued war of attrition for world freedom. This is a war that they MUST win! Your mission is to protect the GLA leader as he travels to the airport for evacuation.

After the news report by ARC (the GLA equivalent of Al-Jazzera I suppose? Heh heh heh.) You will be treated to this cut scene where some USA Humvees are in hot pursuit of the GLA leader. However, they were a little unlucky. They suffered some traffic accidents. One Humvee crashed into a truck that was "really explosive", while the other was squashed by a falling tower! Our leader is safe, for now.

You are now left to play. Salvage the resources to upgrade your vehicles.

Tip! Salvage Preferences
When ever you destroy enemy vehicles, always salvage them to units in this order:
Marauder Tanks > Quad Cannons > Techicals > Other units

Move southeast, engaging the enemies on the way.

Cross the bridge, and you will be treated to more salvage crates, as well as some more RPG trooper Combat Bikes.

Cool Tip! Which Bikers shall I use?
When using combat cycles, always load them in this order:
Terrorists > Rebels > RPG Troopers
This is because, loading RPG Troopers in those bikes make them much more vulnerable to tanks. As for the terrorists, well, have fun! It is much better to use suicide bikers than to load a technical full of terrorists and rushing them into your opponents' (human or computer) base! Note that when a Terrorist is riding a Combat Bike, the front of the Combat Cycle has a yellow box with Red Stripes to warn others of your approach.

There are some patrols to the northeast, and that's the path we have to go. Instead of taking them on directly, send all bikers to the eastern path, and go down the cliff. Then, you can easily surprise all of those units, and liberate the base to the further north east.

Once your base is liberated, build some Maruader Tanks, and upgrade them with the salvage crates. If any of your combat bikes are damaged, just send them to the "service station" that is your Arms Dealer to repair them!

Cross the bridge when you have recovered from your losses. There are 3 foolhardy sentry drones near that reinforcement pad, destroy them, you need not capture the pad though.

As you can see, the USA aerodrome is guarded by 2 Fire Bases. Send in your troops to "praise" (Stupid accent) and pillage them, and then, you can send the limousine of the GLA Leader to the transport plane.
Mission Accomplished! The cause lives on!




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