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GLA - Mission 3 'Matala, Crete'

It is now revealed that the GLA is once united again. A powerful commander has taken charge. The US is now strengthening their defenses in bases around the world. Your Mission is to steal a Particle Cannon, and use it against the US Mediterranean Fleet. Such an action will severely weaken USA's foothold in the Mediterranean Sea.

You start with a small force of RPG Troopers, Rebels and Hijackers along with 3 Techicals. Explore the beach, and kill all enemy infantry, but steal the Crusader Tank.

You will find another Tunnel Network, use it to transport troops to the neighboring island. There is this lone tomahawk there, steal it before the pilot can get to it. Now, go north west, there are 3 crusader tanks, destroy them, and you can liberate that small camp there. Jarmen Kell is here to help you. So are some Quad Cannons and a Toxin Tractor for the taking. Now, go to the northeast, and neutralize those 3 tanks. Use Jarmen Kell on the Firebases! I made a new discovery here.

Tip! Weakness of the Fire Base Exploited!
I found out that, a fire base can be destroyed in 3 shots by Jarmen Kell! So, whenever you are playing against a USA player, feel free to snipe at his firebases! When it explodes, the infantry will all die! (and scream like canary birds, so that's why they call it a FIRE Base!)

See those Cold Fusion Reactors? Send Rebels to capture them. Now, guard this area with Quad Cannons.

Notice this island to the northeast? That's your next stop on this Mediterranean cruise, send your Crusaders, Jarmen Kell, Technicals and that lone Tomahawk Missile over in a sneak attack. Clean the town up, steal as many US vehicles as you can, and then head northwest to the arms dealer. Kill everyone and liberate it!

With the Arms Dealer in hand, feel free to build some Marauder Tanks! Upgrade them with salvage crates. There is another island to the northeast with more goodies, so dig a tunnel there if you like. Now, head northeast, to the pass. This pass is defended by some Paladin Tanks and 3 Tomahawk Missiles, so you should destroy these units before you attempt to go through.
Now, as for the Bunkers, use the Particle Cannon and your lone tomahawk missile to destroy those defenses. When they are all destroyed, send your units through the cleared pass, and into your hideout.

Kill the remnants of the enemy guarding the base, and the base is yours. Start pumping out workers to build an Arms Dealer, more Black Markets and some Stinger Sites in the east and camouflage them.

You are now ready for the assault on the main base. At this point, there are 2 methods to reach USS Reagan, one is by brute force and sneak attack, and another is by stealth infiltration. I suggest the latter. But before you do it, use the Particle Cannon and destroy the enemies' Strategy Centre, as they are equipped with Search and Destroy Stealth Detection System.

The best method is to send in Jarmen Kell. Sneak him in with your tunnel networks, and move east, then south, when you approach a Patriot Missile, use the Particle Cannon to destroy them to prevent them from detecting you. It will take a certain amount of time, but eventually, you will reach the USS Reagan. Fire the Particle Cannon one last time on it, and then, watch as it gets sawed in half!
Mission Accomplished!




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