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GLA - Mission 5 'Stuttgart-Vichingen, Germany'

The last so-called superpower in this world, the USA is crumbling. GLA makes thing worse by humiliating America by penetrating its own borders and stealing its weapons of mass destruction. Washington decides to abandon Europe and actively defend their homeland, and the GLA is really ambitious to force this to happen. Your mission is to destroy the USA base in Stuttgart-Vichingen, Germany.

In the beginning of the mission, you find a large group of GLA Tanks and Rocket Buggies attacking a Chinese Base. The Chinese tried to stop them, but failed. Now, you have complete control of the Chinese base! Now, build your base, including a GLA Command Center, and mainly Chinese Buildings.
Quickly defend the eastern and northeastern entrances to your base, as this is where the support base will attack. Build some Helices and garrison Tank Hunters inside the ones with Bunkers. Then quickly raid their base. The Sky Blue Support Base is poorly defended against air attacks with their 3 far apart Patriot Missiles, and can be taken out very swiftly.

While you are raiding their base, build a propaganda center and quickly build 2 Nuclear Missiles. Also build an Internet Center and Satellite Hack 1. Garrison Hackers in too! You can now see the area around each command center. As you can notice, the USA Base is busy building a Particle Cannon.
If you are fast enough, both countdown timers of the Nuclear Missiles will be less than 4:00 when it is completed. At this point, focus on the defenses of the north and north east of your base. Build 2 layers of Gattling Cannons to stop their air strikes and some more Helices with Battle Bunkers and Tank Hunters, as the USA heavily relies on Air Power. When your Nukes are ready, fire them on the particle cannon. It will destroy it, and by the time the USA builds the replacement, you should have less than 4 minutes left on your Nukes' timer.

The USA will build a second Particle Cannon on the far eastern edge of their base. To counter that one, sneak Black Lotus in by a Helix in the Far eastern edge of the map, and drop her to the east of the Particle Cannon, behind the transmitter station. You can now capture the particle cannon before they can even react. After you capture this Particle Cannon, the USA will not rebuild this one again.

With the Superweapons taken care of, you can fight in a more even basis. First things first, free the POWs in the southern support base before they are transferred. Then, the freed POWs will set up their own base, and this can divert the Americans' attack.

Another thing to note is, that the USA base has more than 5 airfields in use, and hence can attack your base with 24 fighters at once! So, build lots and lots of Gattling Cannons!

You can now build up a strike team. Build up a team of fully upgraded Overlords and hide them in Helix Helicopters. Build some Inferno Cannons too and load them inside Helixes. Upgrade half of your Helices with Gattling Cannons and the other half with Propaganda Towers. Load the Napalm Bombs as well. Wait for a Nuke to be ready, and then Nuke their airfields to clear that area for your units! Then, send in your large group of Helices in through that eastern edge of the map. Drop everything! Have your Helixes cause Chaos by dropping Napalm Bombs on every Structure you find! Then, send you Overlords and Inferno Cannons to further flatten their base!
This 2 Pronged Attack is very difficult to stop, in spite of the large number of anti air measures they have. With luck, you should be able to destroy more than half of the USA base before they can take the upper hand. If you are fast enough, you can easily destroy the entire base! Brute force rules! (Of course, another way to win this mission is to endlessly mass Nuclear Missile Silos, then send all of them into the enemy's base at once, in different locations. There will be a lovely orange glow in no time...)

With the main base down, all that remains are some USA stragglers still on the field. Hunt them down, and the liberation of the world will soon be complete!

Watch as the GLA erects statues all over Europe in order to show that they have seized control. Dead symbolic, isn't it. Nah...

Alternate Method
Another way to beat this level is to rush the sky blue USA support base and capture everything there as soon as the mission starts. Then you can have even more advantages, as the USA main base would have many more places to target.
Besides, the faster you rescue those orange POWs, the faster they can set up their base and the earlier they can harass the main base! You may also want to capture the oil derricks on the island on the northwest corner of the map to obtain steadier cash supplies as well. Of course, with so many tech trees available, I would recommend you to build more USA units, particularly Aurora Bombers to cause major damage in the main base.
The Orange team then can act as the Cerberus Dogs that pick on the bones of the American base! As you continue with these attacks, the American Base would be so weak that you can send a small strike team with Overlords, Helixes and Inferno Cannons to finish them off.




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