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USA - Mission 1 'Baikonur, Kazakhstan'

Although the USA Army has had the fragmented Global Liberation Army on the run, the terrorist threat remains a clear and present danger. The GLA is still actively using those chemical warheads from their Baikonur Facility. In fact, they have equipped their missiles with even more newly designed chemical warheads. They have started to launch those chemical warheads into US bases in Northern Europe. People have begun evacuating from the urban areas in Europe. A previous attempt by the Chinese Army to attack the facility has failed. With the Chinese Army battling local warlords to the east, the American Army is sent in to deal with the situation. Your mission is to destroy the launch facility. It is vital that you succeed, or otherwise, America's strategy footholds and interests in Europe will more likely be affected.

After this news report by BNN (British News Network, a hybrid of BBC and CNN, I suppose? Heh heh.), and being shown the GLA hippies in their motorbikes, you see another missile being prepared for launch, and it fires! Boy! The sky really does look realistic in this game. So! The missile's target is a certain USA base in Northern Europe. The missile explodes! BOOM! A lot poor souls suffocate in the chemicals that were given out. Then, you are left to play. You are given your starting units, and your base. They have given you 2 sets of 5 of Missile Defenders and Rangers.
Load them into the 2 Humvees.

Tip! More about Humvees
As a practice, always load 2 pathfinders (anti infantry) and 3 Missile Defenders for all rounded support. This should work on single player, LAN and online. Oh, another thing, when you see slower units coming after you. Back off a few steps and the people inside the Humvee will get "free" hits on the enemy unit. If you make use of the Search and Destroy Battle Plan, then you can shoot even further and harass your enemy more.

Some foolhardy rebels will come over to engage you. Pick them off using you new Scout Drone. Then move your troops northwest, destroying the 2 stinger sites. You will come to some empty Chinese Tanks in a motor pool, including a lovely Overlord Tank. Take them with infantry, upgrade the Overlord Tank with a Speaker Tower, then move northeast.

2 terrorists are planning to car-bomb you, watch out! Then, at the same time, some infantry would have garrisoned the 2 apartment blocks near the vehicles, use the Dragon Tank to fry those units.

Now, kill all units and destroy all structures guarding the train station in order to capture it. I suggest you leave those buildings for your lone Overlord Tank to destroy, then, gloat as it gains veterancy.

Now, the train will arrive, load your best units into the 2 train cars, and those units will be taken to the launch site by train. When you reach the site, destroy everything, garrison the radio station for A-10 support if necessary, and a large bomber will come with a MOAB, the Mother of All Bombs (Actually, it stands for a Massive Ordinance Air Burst)! The bomb hits, and several of their units are blasted all the way to the moon, and the pilot really likes his job, after all, "I love the smell of a fresh MOAB in the morning!"
Mission Accomplished! You win!




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