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USA - Mission 4 'Amisbad Oil Fields: Iran'

Information recovered from the Chemical Lab confirms that GLA really is carrying on its chemical weapons program. The US suspects that the GLA General code-named Dr. Thrax is behind all of this. Dr. Thrax is an elusive extremist and has been charged with war crimes by the world court. Intelligence sources have traced his funding to oil fields in Iran, your mission is to liberate the oil fields, and destroy the GLA base guarding it.

This mission begins with a lovely air show over the skies of the Amisbad Oil Fields. The Quad Cannons are busy trying to shoot those planes, but there are just too many of them. Now that we have landed, the airstrip is secured. Build your base! Capture the oil derricks around your base for a start, just use Construction Dozers to remove those demo traps and booby traps. Supplies are scarce, so it is vital that you capture as many Oil Derricks as possible.

Discouraging Tip! You had better not try to garrison the buildings, or you'll be sorry
When you are playing as GLA over the LAN or internet, always try to reach the towns first and use rebels to place booby traps on the buildings, now, the opponent WILL think twice before trying to enter those buildings. Of course, he can also use dozers or workers to remove those traps, but that's too annoying. Anyway, stealth detectors can easily detect the booby traps, and the Dozers can clear them with one scoop of their blade.

Now, build fire bases loaded with Missile Defenders and Pathfinders on the 2 bridges, and place some Paladins and Avengers next to them to stop the scud launcher missiles

Tip! How many Avengers and Paladins do I need?
Regardless of offline games or online games, it would be wise to build a paladin tank or an avenger for each rocket solider the enemy has, and 2 for each Scud Launcher or Tomahawk Missile they have. However, these 2 units cannot stop artillery shells, so be careful when playing against China.

While you are building your base, you will be informed that a neighboring town has been poisoned by GLA propaganda, and are sending units to attack your base. So, go north and destroy the radio station ASAP. Colonel Burton is good at this. To clear the occupied structures, simply send in the Microwave Tanks to ding them out! Ha ha ha!

If you are playing on medium difficulty or above, there will be a SCUD Storm built, luckily, it is in an outer area of the main base, so use a microwave tank to ding it and disable it, while Colonel Burton destroys it. Be careful of that single tunnel network there, as units will ambush you from inside the building. So, I guess you should kill enough units to get promoted to a 3-star general, then you can A-10 Strike that network, after that, nothing can react fast enough to stop Colonel Burton from destroying the SCUD Storm. After that, I suggest you let Colonel Burton hang around there, as he can keep the Workers at bay from rebuilding anything.

Now, it's time to build an attacking force. I recommend attacking from the Eastern Side of the base, as you have cleared that entrance with Burton Already. Send in as many Paladins as you like, but build at least 15 of them, as the enemy just loves to use Scud Launchers and RPG Troopers. Also, build Tomahawk Missiles and keep them in the rear. Some Humvees with Pathfinders and Missile Defenders inside can also support your advance.
Wipe them out, all of them. Although Lieutanent Eva may suggest that you capture some oil derricks there, it is rather difficult to hold them, as it will cause the GLA to attack with renewed vigor.

Apart from this, reinforcements will also be airdropped in periodically. Use those units if you are short of cash. Attack from the east entrance, and you will experience minimal losses, as all the traps have been cleared. Wipe them out! All of them!

Caution! Highly Explosive Humvees
When a Humvee is destroyed, the infantry inside all die! (Perhaps it is because the petrol tank of the Humvee is dangerously close to the passenger compartment, hence, when the Humvee explodes, the petrol tank will burst into flames, causing your infantry units inside to scream like canary birds) So, when you notice that your Humvee's energy bar is almost empty, evacuate all units!




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