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Command & Conquer 4 - Tiberian Twilight

By: Republic_Commando_401

Hi, When I play Tiberian Twilight, I get a error code 23. What is it? my internet is fine but why am i disconnecting?

Error code 23 refers to Server Connection Error. When the player cant connect with the server, he/she cannot conect to other players and it will eventually boot you from the game. Second reason is cause C&C4 does not have a disconnect menu that comes up like in Tiberium Wars

What does Out of Sync mean?

Out of Sync happens if the the game lags too badly. Or, it may be a result of a hack or a cheat by another player. But you can use trainer in C&C4 so EA does not know if this is th ecase


I've just gotten CnC 4 - Tiberian Twilight and I'm being confronted with an error that makes no sence to me. I've installed the game, which went fine. Now I'm trying to play it and I receive some error regarding DirectX. It says that I must check wether I have the right version. So I check and I indeed have DirectX 9.0c (which should be enough)

Also I think my videocard is strong enough and I've got the acceleration thingy enabled. So I can't really find out what is still wrong, and why I can't play CnC 4


Right click on the CnC4.exe, properties, compatibility, and then check the box resolution 640x480. The game will start and you can change the resolution in game if needed. Then just exit the game and uncheck the 640x480 box. Also try lowering your desktop resolution.

Some other options are to try running the program as an Administrator.

  • Disable Desktop composition
  • Disable display scaling on high DPI Settings"
  • Disable Visual themes

  • Another option is to try launching in windowed mode.

    How to play in windowed mode:

  • 1. go to \command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight\data\ folder
  • 2. Edit RunCNC4.bat with any type of text editor (like notepad)
  • 3. Add -win at the end of the line of start "" CNC4.exe -config "..\CNC4_English.SkuDef" -loginToken "|zzzz" -persona "test"
  • 4. Start "" CNC4.exe -config "..\CNC4_English.SkuDef" -loginToken "|zzzz" -persona "test" Vwin

  • Or In the shortcut add (space)-win at the end of the file location. Make sure that the -w goes outside the quotation marks and that there is a space between the last quotation mark and the -w.




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