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By: Cabal, September 2000

After hearing this question many of you will immediately say "Yes, they are always fighting for world peace" while others will say "No, kill them, kill them all !". In this article I am going to present all the fact that prove that the Allies and GDI are really evil.

In Tiberian Dawn (C&C 1) General Shepard, just before the final GDI mission, says a sentence that will probably make all loyal Brotherhood of NOD supporters hate GDI even more. He is talking about Kane and his sacred temple in Sarajevo and says "Kill the bastard.... or prepare to die trying". This shows that Shepard had no intention of following the United Nations rule of war that says war criminals should be captured and put on trial. All he was interested in was killing Kane. It also shows he doesn't care about his people because he basically told the commander to die if he couldn't kill Kane.

In the final Allied mission of Red Alert some Allied soldiers find Stalin injured in a pile of rubble and try to rescue him so he can also stand trial (following the United Nations rule mentioned in the previous paragraph) but Stavros tells them not to. Instead he tells them to go away. After this he puts a tissue in Stalin's mouth knowing that he will not be able to breathe and will also be unable to remove it. After this he puts a large piece of rubble over his face ensuring that Stalin will die. This is not what the good guys would do.

Tiberian Sun also has evil good guys in it. These people are General Solomon and McNeil. Solomon frames Slavik as one of GDIs spies. This could be for two reasons. It could either be that GDI are evil and just want everbody in NOD to die without trial or could be that he wants to allow him to escape and seek revenge. This would give him a reason to grind NOD into the ground. Either way it would make NOD look like a group of brutal savages.

Will there be any evidence for GDI being evil in Renegade and the Allies being evil in Red Alert 2? We shall have to wait and see.




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