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By: chickendippers, August 2002

People quite often overlook the pavement feature of TibSun, however it can prove invaluable when fighting against Nod enemies due to their ability to use sub-terrainian attacks. When playing against GDI however this use of pavement is rendered pretty much pointless.

The primary use of pavement is to prevent Nod sub-terrainian attacks into the middle of your base where defences are usually weakest. It is extremely annoying to spend time and money constructing an impenetrable perimeter defence to find swarms of sub-terrainian APCs and Devils Tongues popping out beyond the range of your RPG towers and then continuing to wreak havoc while you watch on helplessly.

The secondary use is to prevent cratering within your base, the effects of which can stunt its growth. Cratering is caused by explosions of buildings, units or weapons creating a crater. Once a crater is formed you cannot construct anything there and units moving over it slow down.

The third use of pavement is not usually such an important one although in certain situations it can be quite vital. Speed.
Laying pavement will cause vehicles to move faster which can give you the edge in the rush for recourses. Placing pavement along the path your harvester takes to the Tiberium Filed will increase the frequency of loads. Also paving from your War Factory will enable you to get attacking/defending vehicles out of your base and to where they are needed quickly.

The fourth and final use of pavement is quite trivial but again like the third use can prove vital in certain situations. Tiberium Vein Control.

If you set up base near Tiberium Vein fields for quick harvesting (if your Nod) or just started there and are being over-run by the stuff, all you need to do is deploy some pavement in its way and that will stop it from damaging your structures and eating your vehicles. Of course you could deploy wall, but pavement is cheaper and covers a large area quickly plus all the other advantages I mentioned previously.

A mean trick you can play using pavement involves paving all of your base except a small area in the middle which you surround with a wall and put defences outside. If your enemy tries a sub-terrainain attack the chances are the vehicles will re-surface in the defended area and be destroyed thanks to some programming that causes sub-terrainain units to surface as close to the target as possible.

You could also use this trick to your advantage by paving outside your base perimeter, forcing them to surface out from your base giving your defences some time to do damage.
So as you can see, pavement can prove vital to the outcome of battles.




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