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To celebrate the launch of C&C3: Tiberium Wars we gave away a signed copy of the Kane Edition! All you had to do was upload screenshots of your antics from the demo. Anything from impressive shows of force, cunning tactics to general carnage and explosions - the one I liked the most won a signed copy of the Kane Edition courtesy of EA!

And the winner is:

Bird of Prey
with his screenshot
"Brotherhood of Fire"

Click above to enlarge

A big congrats to Bird of Prey for the amazing Nod Fanatic charcoal logo! Some of the other screenshots I thought were particularly good included:

Foxtropics and this anonymous entry for sheer unit spammage, whilst the third (also anonymous) and fourth screenhsots again by Bird of Prey scored well on the OMG espl0s!ons11!! front!

So there you have it, it just remains for me to say thanks for the hundreds of screenshots submitted which can be found in our Tiberium Wars screenshot gallery, and keep visiting CnCWorld!



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