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By: Raving

Part I: A new dawn

Chapter I: A new hope

13:07 - 2059 October 1
The White house - New Washington DC - The Arctic plains -

Mr. President, I've got the results you've asked for. Good, show them on the main screen.
- A brief moment of silence -
Excellent. This is beyond everything we've hoped for, there's hope for us yet, Betty! Yes sir? Get me the Tiber Research Centre. Yes sir. Betty walks out of the room. Over the intercom: Sir, I have the Tiber Research Centre on line 1 for you.
Thank you Betty. Oh and Betty? Yes sir? Call the press, tell them I'll be holding a press conference in 2 hours. Consider it done sir. Jack, congratulations. Thank you Mr. President. We're very excited here. When will you be able to execute the plan? As soon as GDI forces retake Cape Canaveral sir! Well then, I think we have something to celebrate! Keep me informed Jack. I'll do that Mr. President.
It seems that Tiberium does have an advantage. Yes sir Mr. President.

13:31 - 2059 October 1
Tiber Research Centre - conference room - New Alamos - The Arctic plains -

Jason! How are you? Couldn't be better Snakes. How are the results? Why don't you take a look for yourself. - The main screen is turned on -
Wow! Let's take a closer look at that. Atmospheric completion 33 hours and 21 minutes, plant growth within 21 hours from atmospheric completion. Perfect!

15:00 - 2059 October 1
The White house - Press conference room - New Washington DC - The Arctic plains -

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, the President of the United Nations
Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I can tell you that our scientist have successfully developed a way to use Tiberium to colonize Mars.
Mr. President? Yes.
So you are saying that Tiberium has a useful side to it? Exactly.
Mr. President? When will you begin colonizing Mars?
As soon as GDI forces retake Capa Canaveral. We expect that to be somewhere in October of this year.

15.20 - 2059 October 1
Global News Network (GNN) - New Washington DC - The Arctic plains

Well you've heard it folks! We are close to inhabiting mars. A glorious day for the whole of humanity.

15:21 - 2059 October 1
Nod Faction 845-AT3 Base of Operations - Cairo - Egypt

Glorious day my ass! Hasan! Yes sir? Reinforce Cape Canaveral immediately! Yes sir! We'll see who's getting where. We'll see.

Chapter II - Retake

09:21 - 2059 October 6
GDI Base of Operations - New Star - Nevada desert

Announcement made by E.V.A. - GDI Tiberium Wolves are to report in briefing room 21 at 09:30 AM. - Damn I'm late. Yo Whitny! Hurry up man! I'm coming, I'm coming.
- Briefing room 21 -
Welcome gentlemen, please take your seats!
We are about to fight one of the most important battles in history. The retaking of Cape Canaveral. However, this group isn't going to be involved in the main battle. WHAT!?
Easy soldier. No this group gets a special assignment. You are to sabotage Nod's key installations. - The briefing instructor turns on the briefing screen -
Gentlemen, these are your targets. The Obelisk of light, the missile silo, the radar, a few helipads and last but most certainly not least the sensor arrays. These are your prime targets, taking out any other installations would be considered a benefit but isn't necessary. Be aware though, there have been reports about a new Tiberium life form, rumoured to have a natural cloaking device.
That's all for now, once you are underway your captain will give you further instructions.
Sir! Won't we be detected by the sensor arrays ? Not if our scientists are right. They have developed a new cloaking device, which allows you to be undetected even by sensor arrays. Cool!
You are dismissed gentlemen, and good luck.

09:49 - 2059 October 6
GDI Base of Operations - Loading bay - New Star - Nevada desert

Damn! I forgot my lucky charm. Bret! I'm going to get my lucky charm tell them to wait for me! There's no time anymore we're leaving! But I can't fight without my lucky charm. You'll have to! Now come on!

13:54 - 2059 October 6
Woodville - Temporarily base of operations - near Cape Canaveral

We have landed sir. Good! Everybody keep low to the ground!
Gentlemen welcome! Thank you sir, how are things going here? Not good, Nod scouts have been spotted 13 miles from here. Damn! Well we'd better get started then. Tiberium Wolves fall in and follow.

14:03 - 2059 October 6
Woodville - Temporarily base of operations - near Cape Canaveral

Gentlemen, your mission begins tomorrow at 07:00 hours. Sir! Yes private? With all do respect sir if we attack tomorrow we will be risking our presence here. I know that soldier, but our taskforce isn't fully here yet. We are still waiting for the Mammoth MK 4 and 15 infantry divisions. We had to recall all troopers that were on vacation. That's why we're starting tomorrow. Now pay attention as I brief you! You will infiltrate the Nod base to the west side of the complex. You will place C4 on all the targets you have received at the New Star Nevada base. You will have 5 hours, 6 at most to complete the task. After that we will blow it up. If you do not succeed for any reason you will return here as fast as you can! Got it? Yes sir!

06:55 - 2059 October 7
Woodville - Temporarily base of operations - near Cape Canaveral

Men! You will start your mission in 5 minutes! Engage cloaking devices. Cloaking devices on and working.

07:10 - 2059 October 7
Woodville - Temporarily base of operations - comm. centre - near Cape Canaveral

Tracking target sir. Targets at 32 miles from target. Estimated time of arrival, 07:28. You're doing great Tiberium Wolves! Keep it up.


Sir Tiberium Wolves here, over.
C&C here, over.
We've arrived at target location. Estimated distance 3 miles, over.
Good proceed.
Sir! I'm getting a strange reading behind the Wolves. What is it? I don't know sir, but it's moving at a speed of 34 kilometres per hour sir!
Wolves this is C&C there is an object heading for your direction and it seems it's in a hurry, can you see anything? Over.
Nothing sir, must be Nod, over.
I don't think so private, it shows on all our monitors, check again, over.
Nothing sir, I'm pretty sure.. wait a minute. What the hell is that?
Soldier what do you see? Over.
Something sir, I don't know, over
What do you mean you don't know, over.
Private, come in private, over.
............. Nothing sir, they disappeared. What do you mean disappeared? We'll they were there and the next moment they were gone! Could it have been Nod? No sir, the readings were too strange to be humanoid. So the rumours are true. Sound the alert. There are Tiberium life forms in the vicinity, which are able to cloak themselves.
Sir? Do it private! Yes sir!

08:23 - 2059 October 7
Woodville - Temporarily base of operations - comm. centre - near Cape Canaveral

Sir! The Mammoth MK 4 has arrived! Good. Get scout group 2 here! Yes sir!


Sir! Scout group 2 reporting for duty. Good, I'll be brief we don't have a lot of time. A couple of minutes ago the Tiberium Wolves got attacked by a Tiberium life form. They were carrying a very important piece of equipment with them. I want you to retrieve it. Yes sir!


Sir! Scout group 2 has returned. Where's the equipment? Right here sir! Good, get me a technician! Yes sir.
Technician reporting sir! I want you to place this on the Mammoth MK 4 immediately! Got it? Yes sir.


Sir! The Mammoth MK 4 is ready to attack! Good. This is General Sanchez to all units! We are as of now in battle! Suit up and get ready to leave!

11:02 - 2059 October 7
Cape Canaveral - Nod base

Sir! GDI forces are approaching our base. Sound the alarm private!

10:29 - 2059 October 7
Cape Canaveral - GDI attack force

Sir! Cape Canaveral in sight
This is general Sanchez to all GDI forces! You are to engage the enemy! Destroy them! Make sure there are no survivors!
This is C&C to GDI Gauntlet division! Take out Nod's main defences! Roger that C&C.
C&C to all airborne units! Destroy the missile silo and radar! Affirmative sir!

Chapter III - A Tacitus bomb

17:43 -2059 October 7
Cape Canaveral - What remains of the Nod base.

Sir! We have to go now. GDI have defeated us.
NO! I will not be defeated. Sir! We have to. NO! I...
What's that sound? Oh no!
It's a hunter seeker droid

17:57 - 2059 October 7
Cape Canaveral - Under GDI command

Sir! We've checked the base, there are no Nod forces left. Good, did you find anything of use? Only some cloaking devices and a weird glowing thing. A weird glowing thing? Yes sir. It has some writing on it, tac...s.
What? Tacitus?
Could be sir. Sure looks strange anyway. Private! Get me the space station Philadelphia. Yes sir!

18:06 - 2059 October 7
Space station Philadelphia

General. How are things going? Very well sir! We have retaken Cape Canaveral! Excellent, any important findings? Yes sir. Well what did you find? Well you'll never believe this but, we found the Tacitus sir. The Tacitus? Impossible! The Tacitus is here on the station! What? How's that possible? I don't know. I'll send a transport vessel to retrieve the Tacitus. Philadelphia out!

18:09 - 2059 October 7
Cape Canaveral - Under GDI command

Sir! We're getting some strange readings again! The same we saw when the Tiberium Wolves were attacked. Damn! Sound the alarm!
Sir! What the hell is going on? We've detected Tiberium life forms, the same that attacked the Tiberium Wolves!
Shall we go hunt them? NO! They're able to cloak themselves. No, best is to sit this one out. General! Look at the Tacitus sir! What the hell is that thing doing? I don't know sir, but I could swear it's counting down!

18:21 - 2059 October 7
Cape Canaveral - Under GDI command

That... Was too close. Sir! All men accounted for except private Thres sir. Damn. Do you think Nod had something to do with that bomb? I don't think so, too advanced. Better contact the Philadelphia again. Sir! I have some bad news. And what might that be general? Well that thing we found, it was a bomb! A what? A bomb sir. Nod? No sir, too advanced. Could the rumours be true sir? What rumours? About Tiberium being made by aliens? Of course not, general.

Chapter IV - A new dawn

10:01 - 2059 October 18
Cape Canaveral - Under GDI command

Mr. President sir! The launch is starting in half an hour! I'll be there in a moment. Well this is the moment.
Countdown starting in 28 minutes and 16 seconds. Mr. President! I'm Triana Willington from GNN news. Do you have anything to say to the viewers? Yes. Today is a glorious day for humanity! We will launch the first in a series of shuttles for the terraforming of Mars. If everything goes well, we will be sending the first colonists to Mars in May 2060. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to see the launch.
Countdown in 1 minute.
Sure glad Nod isn't here. You've said it Mr. president.
Countdown 5 minutes to launch.
Hey! What's that GNN reporter doing on launch pad? I don't know sir! I'll contact mission control.
Mission control, there is an unauthorized person on the launch pad, abort launch. I repeat abort launch! Negative, once the procedure is started we can't stop it! Damn.
I Triana Willington will destroy this spacecraft on behold of Nod. Kane is our destiny!
Stupid bitch Take this! DON'T SHOOT! SHE'S GOT A BOMB!
This is mission control we have a large explosion on the launch pad! No damage to the craft, launch will commence in 2 minutes and counting.

10:29 - 2059 October 18
Cape Canaveral - Under GDI command

Countdown 1 minutes to launch.
30 Seconds, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and we have lift off of the spacecraft New Dawn on it's one way mission to Mars. May it arrive safely.

14:30 - 2060 May 24
Cape Canaveral

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and we have lift of the spacecraft Philadelphia, and with it go the first colonists toward the new Marsian colony. May they arrive safely.




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