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By: CommandoRex

"KA-POW!!!" Lt. Miguel's Mammoth blew up by a missile launcher from the roof of the 1st National Bank. He was on a mission to free the hostages from the National Bank, and also destroy the Surface to Air Missiles so he could get back-up reinforcements. Like he always does, he runs to a clear spot, out of the Missile Launcher's range. He took out is Ramjet Rifle, before he shot the NOD Missile Launcher he herd him saying "GDI Commando, armed and dangerous, took cover at Vector0740, requesting reinforcements ASAP."

After he herd that he imminently shot the rife at his heart and he fell off. He than ran to the SAMs and planted C4s he was ambushed by 3 Stealth soldiers, at first no body moved, all of a sudden, Lt. Miguel drew his shotgun and just one blast killed all of them the reinforcements came, Lt. Colonel Mike said to him "Nod's defensive is really tight and hard to go through, General Locke told us to give you this, Lieutenant. This is the new Ion Cannon Chain gun a new weapon made by Dr. Mobious, it is very strong, and requires you to wear this, that is a shade helmet, all big explosions, and such will not be herd, or seen loudly, or brightly. Lieutenant, I also forgot to give you the ion cannon, we'll plant it at the MCT and we'll cover you, now lets move!!!"

When they entered the entrance heavy gunfire from both teams could be herd, from a mile away. "I'm hit, who has the med kit?" asked Sergeant Joe who was shot in the leg, but not badly. "My god!" shouted Lieutenant Max, who saw the blood pour all over his leg "Here..." He tied the paper to his leg and then he was back in action, the GDI forces got control of the entrance, now they must clear the guard floor, which is the generator room is, and also the place where they have the camera TVs. "Did we lose anyone?" asked Sergeant Ballard. "Well, we lost Private Ryan, and Private Joshua. They both where shot in the head by machine bullets." They were about to go to the elevator as all of the sudden the ceiling broke and 10 Nod Officers popped up from no where, luckily only Lt. Max was injured, he was shot in the arm, but survived.

"Here's the elevator!!!" Private Richi ran to the elevator when it opened, a chef with a flame thrower almost killed him but he jumped. Lt. Reed was hit by the flamethrower "STOP, DROP, AND ROLL!" Shouted Lt. Max trying to help him. Commander Ray came in the back door, with a chain gun, he saw the flame thrower and shot him before he could even turn around to see him. Everyone went to the elevator except Lt. Max, Private Richi, Commander Ray, Officer Tomas, and Sergeant Ballard, who were there to clear the exit route.

"Lt. Miguel DUCK!!!" Shouted Officer Kenny who saw a black hand about to shoot him, he did as he said and the bullet missed by a foot. That Black Hand official was shot. They went through the path of Black Hands, stealth units, and even a Flame Tank but they got through, but lost Officer Kenny, Sgt. Jack, Lt. Gregory, and Private Tommy. The people left was both Lt. Max, and Miguel. When they got to the end of the room they saw a large mutant. It was like a Tempelar and an Acolyte combined! It shot a big tibirium chem. sprayer. The only thing different that was not a feature to the tempelar or Acolyte it had it's brains showing like a chem. sprayer. Lt. Max got hit and died.

"NOOOOOO!!!" Miguel shouted, now it was only him and that generated mutant. He drew his flame thrower he shot everywhere and also the mutant got the chem. sprayer and also shot everywhere, but than something terribly wrong happened! The chem. blast and the flame collided and caused a large explosion that Commander Ray, and the others herd. They went up and found Miguel, he was hurt badly, but still alive.

The mutant, well, that brain turned into tibirium liquid no body touched it, they just left it there, now they could go home. "Wait!" said Miguel "We forgot the hostages!" They ran to the 4th floor and they were about to get shot executioner style but than the quick thinking of Miguel got his Ion Cannon Chain Gun and shot both Black Hand officials. The hostages were picked up by a heavy armored elite transport black hawk which also picked up all of the men. Commander Ray said to Miguel "What you did out there was brave, I will tell the general about this, and you might be promoted.




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